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Daniela Latte Layout

Latte Layouts by tsbarnes
A Latte layout to go with my Daniela global theme Requires Latte Tasks, Latte Spacer, Latte Sidebar Button, Global Menu, Window Title, Event Calendar
unix ubuntu extension dock daniela latte sidebar linux
Aug 23 2021

Pantsu Shaker Plymouth Theme for some Ubuntu distros.

Plymouth Themes by hentailinuxer
! Yep. Has a nude version on pixiv. But you need to login to see it. For Ubuntu, Ubuntustudio, Ubuntu
bootscreen linux mate splashscreen plymouth kubuntu unix ubuntu
Dec 02 2020

Pantsu Shaker Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by hentailinuxer
" animation. Some other animations with other logo's is comming soon. UPDATE - versios with Ubuntu
animation bootscreen archlinux erotic splashscreen linux plymouth unix ubuntu
Dec 02 2020

Fun Share My Ubuntu

Gnome Screenshots by hellkids96
Running-On Thinkpad-X240 8 GB i5-4300U Intel Haswell Mobile Graphics Ubuntu 18.10 GNOME 3.30.1
gnome dark unix theme ubuntu linux mojave screenshot
Mar 01 2019