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Full Icon Themes by nestoris
[ Please vote for the Firefox icon in this theme! I'm thinking about changing it. ] Enhanced Classic icon theme (used with Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, Windows 2000 systems) from MicroSoft Memphis project for GNU/Linux inspired by...
windows win98 win2k windows2000 retro linux unix icon-theme
Oct 19 2023


Gnome Shell Themes by mx-2
A Gnome shell theme which aims to bring back the look of the old transparent-black and colorful icons default shell from earlier Gnome versions to Gnome 45. Note: To get colorful icons you have to install an icon theme which provides full color shell icons as well. Source code and build...
gnome black non-flat linux unix theme gnome-shell
Oct 14 2023

spitfire loader

Plymouth Themes by gamingonlinux97
spitfire loader
linux unix splashscreen bootscreen plymouth
Oct 11 2023


Full Icon Themes by ZMA
Ёжики Иконки сжаты в архив 7z. Чтобы его распаковать установите p7zip или p7zip-full в менеджере пакетов Synaptic или в Центре приложений. Modification Themes Eep Setiawan, AlessandroBo, technoshaun, tiheum. Icons an archive 7z. To install unzip it p7zip or p7zip-full in the Synaptic Package...
icon-theme linux unix
Oct 01 2023

Logo Menu

Gnome Extensions by aryank
Logo Menu - Menu similar to Apple's macOS menu for the GNOME Desktop This extension gives a simple menu along with the ability to get the icon of your distro on top left part of the panel for a great look. The Icon can be customised through settings, it has both Linux and BSD logos. For more...
linux unix extension gnome
Sep 23 2023

to the rescue

Full Icon Themes by vinigris
Roedor Icon Theme, magical old release /*beautiful emblems*/
retro linux unix icon-theme
Aug 07 2023

multi tux plymouth themes

Plymouth Themes by nfratom
a plymouth theme with multiple tux characters
linuxtux plymouth bootanimation linux unix splashscreen bootscreen
Aug 10 2023


Plymouth Themes by nfratom
a plymouth theme featuring 3D tux / penguin alongside with progress bar and shutdown animation (2nd pic)
plymouth tux plymouth-theme linux unix splashscreen bootscreen
Aug 08 2023

EOS Shell

Gnome Shell Themes by BigCityCat
Updated to 44-I have been using this with Dash To Dock with the shrink option. Ubuntu Dock is good but there is a bug with the running dot being off center. If you install Dash To Dock and set the counter indicators to default it will center them correctly. Then you should be able to continue...
linux unix theme gnome gnome-shell
Jun 04 2023

Xenlism Grub Theme

GRUB Themes by exenatt
Xenlism Grub Theme fork form Grub-theme-vimix Ubuntu Style Debian Style Arch Linux Manjaro Linux Fedora Linux NixOs Linux Kali Linux Mint Linux Gentoo Linux PopOs Windows MacOs If you have a problem with install script. unpack tar.xz open unpack folder. you...
archlinux kali ubuntu grub grub-theme linux unix splashscreen burg bootscreen
Jun 01 2023