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Plymouth Themes by Duke93
Port of the original Fedora Core 1 boot splash for Plymouth --- Fedora install: 1) Copy the theme folder --> /usr/share/plymouth/themes/. 2) sudo plymouth-set-default-theme FEDORA-CORE-1-BOOT-SPLASH-PORT_V1.0_PLYMOUTH-THEME -R --- Debian install: 1) Copy the theme folder -->...
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1 day ago

Star Labs Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by starlabs
Star Labsesque plymouth theme On Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementaryOS Install: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:starlabs/ppa sudo apt update sudo apt install starlabs-plymouth Uninstall: sudo apt remove starlabs-plymouth On Other distributions Install: sudo cp -r starlabs-logo/...
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Jan 09 2019

Plymouth NSA Splash Screen

Plymouth Themes by skd1993
This is a custom Plymouth splashscreen done in NSA style with a cool loading bar. Give it a try! You can see an animated preview here: Read comments/check for installation instructions
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Apr 04 2017