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Big-Sur-Black - OE2-GTK

GTK3/4 Themes by open222
[B] Big-Sur-Black - OE2-GTK [/B] Based on [B] Flat Remix GTK [/B] [URL=][/URL] Git hub [URL= ][/URL] My other ...
gtk linux unix theme gnome
Nov 26 2021

STK Leopard for gtk4

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93
STK is a theme designed for gtk4. Based on but heavily modified fork of azurra framework from @elbullazul.
gnome theme unix linux
Mar 20 2021

Mojave and Catalina Themes for SLiM Display Manager

Gnome Screenshots by fkorpsvart
[b][color=#e7baa0]Mojave and Catalina Themes for SLiM Display Manager [/color][/b] Links to Downloads: [list] [*] [url=]mcOS Mojave for SLiM Display Manager[/url] [*] [url=]mcOS Catalina for SLiM Display...
unix linux mojave macos slim screenshot gnome gdm catalina
Feb 17 2020

Glory Grey SImple

GTK2 Themes by LozanoJack
Fantastico theme Llamado "Glory Simple" para nuestro querido Ubuntu (disponible para cualquier versiĆ³n). Es un tema echo en base a escala de grises... Disfrutalo!!!
gtk2 gnome unix theme linux
Mar 10 2011

GTK Desu_Sheets (Death-Note) Anime

GTK2 Themes by karurosu
My theme for all lovers of the anime Death Note. The menus of the windows has a picture of Ryuk, and perfectly complements the subject Emerald mind. The issue is black and white, a detail he gets from the series. If you want to complete the theme you can download the other parties to have a...
theme unix linux gnome gtk2
Nov 02 2010

Xenatt Mac Osx Style

GTK2 Themes by exenatt
Xenatt Mac Osx Style use for hardy gusty 8.04.1++ fix bug
gnome gtk2 theme unix linux
Mar 16 2009