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GRUB Themes by 1337kid
NoiceGRUB is a collection of linear gradient based GRUB2 themes that can be customised. By default NoiceGRUB comes with 4 templates and 8 presets. For generating a theme of your own, visit the GitHub repo Presets in the image view: Mountains from "Mountains" template GradientGuy from "TheMan"...
grub grub-theme grub2 bootscreen bootsplash linux unix splashscreen burg
Jun 09 2023

Windoze95 1080p

Plymouth Themes by liftu
=== Disclaimer === I just edited the work of LASZCZ ( Edits from original : - Scaled it to 1080p. - Removed the extra duplicate loading frames of the progress bar cycle. - Slowed down the progress bar cycle. === Installation === Just run ./install...
bootscreen bootsplash linux plymouth splashscreen unix windows95
May 24 2021

Plymouth MacLinux

Plymouth Themes by luriaprinaldo
Plymouth/bootscreen style Mac & Linux, Developed from Persona Plymouth ( How to install (from file manager) - Download macbuntu-ver.1.0.tar.xz file - Extract here - Open folder macbuntu-ver.1.0 - Run How to install (from terminal) -...
bootscreen bootsplash linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Apr 14 2019