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Rumia cursor

Cursors by muha0644
Animated Touhou cursors featuring Rumia, the youkai of darkness. The apparition that stalks the night. I don't have much to say about Rumia except that her theme is an absolute banger. Made by and ported from windows to X11 by me
animated anime cursor linux touhou unix
Sep 04 2022

Cursor Theme Wonderland

Cursors by Blackcrack
The Wonterland, known from MDK/MDV and Openmandriva i have upload this nice Cursortheme to have it in the Future and store it here on the right place for all.
blacky cursor linux mandrake unix
Mar 21 2020

Rauland School Clock

Cairo Clock by bretcolin
A nice vintage school clock skin for Cairo-clock.
cairo cairo-clock clock extension linux theme unix
Jan 01 2020

SGFC - Simple Grey Flat Compact Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by redmosaic
GTK2, GTK3, Geany, i3, dmenu, rxvt themes. Very easy to understand and modify. Use with Breeze icon theme. This theme is extremely compact. Some portion of beauty was sacrificed for this. sgfc.micro - place in ~/.config/micro/colorschemes/ rmfixed.bdf - place in ~/.local/share/fonts/...
compact flat gnome grey linux simple theme unix
Jun 14 2019

Evangelion GTK Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by unity1
Eva Unit 01 gtk theme. Includes XFWM support. Made with oomox.
evangelion gnome gtk linux oomox theme unix xfce xfwm
Jul 07 2019

Hot Corner

Latte Layouts by natepaul
Efficient layout with a shrunken topbar set to dodge and autohidden dock on the right. Designed for left window controls and dark wallpaper. Created in v0.7.x and tested with v0.8.6. Enjoy! Appearance: - Desktop Theme: Deepin - Icons: Papirus-Dark - Colours: Breeze Dark - Cursor:...
dock extension latte latte-dock linux unix
Feb 17 2019

Gnome Screenshot Abrus Solid Dark Theme Obsidian Red Icons

Gnome Screenshots by charlie-henson
Gnome Screenshot Abrus Solid Dark Theme Obsidian Red Icons The wallpaper can be downloaded here:
gnome linux screenshot unix
Jan 25 2018


GTK3/4 Themes by guilmour
Dynamicolor theme based on Tetra, Adwaita and elementary (Browny base, dark base is rosy, green accent)
brown dynamic gay gnome green linux rose theme unix
Mar 18 2019

Maxim Darker

Gnome Shell Themes by hackan301
******** About ********* Like the name suggests this is a darker version of Maxim. It aims to blend better with darker GTK-themes. Pretty much what I made dark is the dock, the rest is like the original Maxim shell-theme. Though - I am also experimenting a bit with the search in...
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Dec 13 2017


GTK3/4 Themes by guilmour
Dynamicolor theme based on Tetra, Adwaita and elementary (pale green/strawberry).
budgie dynamic gnome green linux strawberry theme unix
Oct 11 2018