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Frosty Latte Layout

Latte Layouts by lsteam
Latte Layout with 2 floating docks and 1 panel. Top panel integrated with Ditto menu, application title, global menu, Systray, Condensed Weather, Inline battry and Latte Sidebar . Right Sidebar with System Monitor sensor, bottom dock include folder view, virtual desktop bar button and shutdown...
dock extension latte latte-dock lattedock linux unix
Aug 23 2021

Hexchat Now Playing (Python3)

Various Gnome Stuff by yarra
Bit obvious what it does.
extension gnome linux unix
Mar 04 2016

METROlux for UBUNTU 14.4LTS FULL install

GnoMenu Skins by COLOH
Free METROlux menu. Full with all the necessairy applications installed. ======================================= METROlux NOW FREE AVAILABLE ON DVD ISO. see website link. ======================================= Preorder METROluxPRO ( with content sidebar + Mobile technique...
extension gnomenu linux menu unix
Apr 19 2016

Yosemite like window buttons for Unity

Various Gnome Stuff by LoneWalker
Mac OS 10.10 like close, minimize and maximize buttons for Ubuntu 14.04 Author: Aditya Samanta License: No limitations, no warranty, no nothing! How to use: Assuming themes are installed in your home directory (~/.themes) Copy all icons of a desired size (Recommended size: 18x18) Go...
extension gnome linux unix
Aug 21 2014

METROluxIItiles auto installer

GnoMenu Skins by COLOH
METROluxIItiles + applet/laucher. version Use METROluxIItiles in combination with the METROluxmenu. Now you can use CLOUD and WEBapps in your METROlux menu. NEW with auto installer & uninstaller prompt in the menu. Just download and extract the download and klick on...
extension gnomenu linux menu unix
Aug 06 2014


Various Gnome Stuff by zniavre
basic and flat conky you should adapt CPU / HDD /Temp there is a script to display the desktop you are in (last line) ( works for gnome-classic & compiz) some option for rhythmbox does not work due to bug (recompiled rhythmbox with...
extension gnome linux unix
Jul 11 2012

Gnome-pie themes

Various Gnome Stuff by albercuba
Gnome-Pie themes inspired mainly by the Simon Schneegans' O-Pie theme. Extract the folder in ~/.config/gnome-pie/themes and then select the theme you like in the gnome-pie preferences I just added 23 more themes with Fedora, Mint, Arch, Debian and some more logos. Please write a...
extension gnome linux unix
Nov 08 2011


Various Gnome Stuff by wish21
instalar: copiar la imagen en /home/tu_usuario/.kde/share/apps/amarok/images si la carpeta "images" no existe, hay que crearla. renombrar la image como: splash_screen.jpg
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 08 2011


Various Gnome Stuff by DavidOtero
Well, this is only an idea. I've got no knoledge about programing or how to make a gtk theme, so if there's someone who want to make a theme like this, i can make some pixmaps or SVGs :). I'm looking for a simple, squared, macish-styed theme with no borderlines as you can see in the svg. if...
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 03 2011

Y PPA Manager

Various Gnome Stuff by hotice
Y PPA Manager is a tool for easily managing Launchpad PPAs that uses YAD for a graphical user interface (a Zenity fork which comes with a lot of improvements) and comes as a .deb and with a Launchpad PPA for easy updates. [b]Y PPA Manager features:[/b] - Add PPA - Delete PPA - displays...
extension gnome linux unix
Nov 27 2010