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Tewi Cursor

Cursors by muha0644
Animated Touhou cursors, featuring Tewi Inaba. The one that likes to do a little bit of trolling now and then. They say people who see her become lucky, that's even more reason to get this cursor. Made by and ported from windows to X11 by me
touhou anime animated linux unix cursor
Jan 19 2023

Sanae Kochiya Cursor

Cursors by muha0644
Animated Touhou cursors featuring Sanae a.k.a. Green Reimu. She's the favorite of certain parts of the Touhou community, mainly with the glorious shitposters of r/2hujerk Made by and ported from windows to X11 by me
animated anime cursor linux touhou unix
Nov 22 2022

Windows Vista Icon theme

Full Icon Themes by calamity-hunter
This is my modified version of the Windows Vista Iconpack by 97leviatan: The original version contains many non-vista icons from another icon theme. I removed all of them - the size of the file is now only 50 MB instead of 150 MB! I removed the close...
gnome gtk3 icon-theme icons linux unix vista windows
Mar 30 2021

Kyzenred GTK Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by oracleforms11g
A full KDE theme based on gamer aesthetics and modern minimalism (GTK themes and assets) ## Dependencies ## - KDE >= 5 (Required if using custom color schemes) - Inkscape (Required if using customs colors schemes) - Bash - GTK2 Murrine engine ## About ## This theme was built with KDE...
dynamic gamer gnome kde linux red ryzen theme unix
Sep 03 2020