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Remilia Scarlet cursor

Cursors by muha0644
Animated Touhou cursors featuring the scarlet devil herself, Remi. (or is flan supposed to be the scarlet devil? i have no clue) Made by and ported from windows to X11 by me Honorable mention: altfantasy has uploaded this exact file before me, although he has...
animated anime cursor linux touhou unix
Jun 26 2022

Utsuho Reiuiji cursor

Cursors by muha0644
Animated Touhou cursors, featuring Okuu the bird-brain. Now you can ☢ in peace Made by and ported from windows to X11 by me
animated anime cursor linux touhou unix xcursor
Jun 26 2022


GRUB Themes by kalanaj2005
Hex theme for GRUB Installation ------------------------- 1.Change permissions sudo chmod a+x 2.Run the install script ./
arch archlinux bootscreen burg grub grub-theme grub2 linux splashscreen unix
Jul 10 2021

Moon Shadow

Cairo Clock by bretcolin
A nice Lunar clock theme.
cairo-clock extension linux unix
Jan 01 2020

Grub Heisenberg Theme 1920x1080 Plasma 5.11 Dark Mod

GRUB Themes by ethanchinaski
My first humble try of a Theme. I Modded the " Plasma 5.11 Dark " Theme from Gabrielgry ( a bit and made it even darker My Favorite TV Series Breaking Bad, and Brian Cranston is a great actor and a wonderful person. Added to the usual Distro Logos at the...
bad bootscreen breaking burg grub grub-theme heisenberg kodachi linux splashscreen unix
Apr 12 2020

FFXI Chocobo Cursor

Cursors by astroneko404
A cursor theme of the cute chocobo from FFXI POL This is a migration of the Windows cursor theme (, what I did is just a Ubuntu adaptation. Notes: Since it is my first time to make a cursor...
chocobo cursor cute linux unix
Sep 27 2019

Burning Super Death Sword [for X11]

Cursors by zoomten
so you can use it with your haxx0rz linux/bsd/unix-like desktops based on [url="http://www.cursors
burning cool cursor fire flame linux sword unix
Jun 11 2019