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materia-touch series

Cursors by darkeye90
Definition: ========== materia-touch is a series of modern look cursor theme named and colors after things i like/use blue is fedora color 9anime colorscheme rosepine colorscheme I've made it with Inkscape and GIMP I hope you like it, when you like it tell me in the comment section. If you...
material-design materia xcursors cursors linux unix cursor
May 07 2023

DiamOS for Linux

Cursors by dcppdp
All credits to:
cursor windows linux unix
Mar 16 2023

ColorRing Cursors

Cursors by kodintent
Set of x11 cursors based on a colored ring theme. Light and dark versions in regular size, suitable for popular screens. Regular size set includes sizes 48, 64, 96 and 128px. (originally 48-96). Suitable size is about 1.5x to 2x classic cursor designs. Recommend the regular light theme for...
colorring cursor cursors linux unix x11
Apr 27 2022

Twilight cursors

Cursors by yeyushengfan258
Twilight cursors for linux desktops
cursor linux unix
Sep 28 2021

LyraB Cursors

Cursors by yeyushengfan258
LyraB cursors for linux desktops
cursor linux unix
May 17 2021

Dragon cursors

Cursors by nesuko
[color=#008E02] Dragon cursors[/color] Colourful and modern theme for dark environments. Based on breeze cursor theme You can leave comments and suggestions here or in my repository. Thanks for using the theme, I hope to improve it later.
cursor linux unix
Jul 28 2020

PixFlat Cursor

Cursors by kp2401075
PixFlat cursor theme from Raspberry PI. I quite like this cursor theme from raspberry pi's Pixel desktop I could not find it anywhere. so I copied it off my Raspberry pi. Fixed missing cursors. and here it is. 1.3: - Creted few cursors from scratch for better visibility on both...
cursor linux pi pidesktop pix pixel raspberry unix
Nov 11 2020

Linux Mint Cinnamon Cursor Theme

Cursors by isylumn
This white Cinnamon Mint Cursor Scheme promotes a modified Linux Mint Cinnamon logo. How to Install Linux Mint Cinnamon cursors 1. Copy the theme under /usr/share/icons/ 2 sudo cp -r new-theme/ /usr/share/icons 3. Select theme from Start>Settings>Appearance And select cursors from...
cinnamon cursor linux mint unix
Mar 14 2019


Cursors by darkeye90
==========[Definition]========== DarkBolt is cursor theme that I've made with Inkscape and GIMP to match DarkCold theme. and I hope you like it. ==========[instructions]========== copy Darkbolt-cursor to ~/.icons by executing the following command cp -r Darkbolt-cursor...
cursor cursors linux unix
Aug 15 2018

Oxygen Magenta Cursor

Cursors by xeno-idaltu
One of the thirty-seven cursors that came in KDE4, can also be used for KDE5 Plasma. This is the original work of Riccardo Iaconelli and KDE's Oxygen Project. 06/37 * I updated some of the names for better search results.
cursor linux unix
Oct 31 2017