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GTK3/4 Themes by g-nome
Gtk2 themes base on [url=]Adwaita[/url] Gtk3 themes base on [url=]Adwaita[/url] Gnome shell themes base on:...
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7 hours ago

GlossyBlack GTK2/3 Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by redtide
A GTK+2/3 theme based on OrangeLiNstaBlackPlastic at [url][/url]. On GTK2 requires both pixbuf (menu and panel button backgrounds) and murrine theme engines, GTK3.20+ compatible. A theme for my every day use but still a work in progress,...
gnome gtk gtk-theme gtk2 gtk3 glossy theme unix linux
Jun 10 2019


GTK2 Themes by originalseed
======================================== [b]This theme evolved in new theme called DarkCold (GTK2/3): [/b] [url][/url] ======================================= Ok, This is based on Divinorum-Blue theme...
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Feb 09 2012


GTK2 Themes by NanaBuluku
Still very much a preliminary release. Would appreciate feedback and bug/issue identification. I'm hoping to have a full and comprehensive 0.1.0 ready by Natty's release in a month. Instructions on giving it a whorl: This theme is intended for use on Ubuntu 11:04 with Unity shell and...
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Apr 18 2011

Elementary + Sand + Gnome3

GTK2 Themes by moeenn
This theme is kind of a mixture of 3 separate themes (kudos to their original theme programmers !) I made this theme trying to bring together the simpleness of elementary, the boldness of Gnome 3 and a color touch of SandDust (ubuntu) Hope Everyone will like it... And if you down-rate it,...
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Mar 08 2011

elementary NG

GTK2 Themes by tuurngait
Description: A clean and modern GTK theme for your GNOME desktop Theme: elementary ng Based on: elementary GTK by Daniel Fore & elementary-ubuntu by Cassidy James License: GPL Engines: Murrine & Equinox Modded by me
gtk2 gnome theme unix linux
Jan 29 2011

Copperdeck 1.0 .deb and .rpm

GTK2 Themes by madinc
Copperdeck Theme By jameshardy88, X11 Mouse Theme By Atilla Öntaş, .deb and .rpm by Madinc. X11 Mouse Theme Author: treetog License: Proprietary License I only made the .deb and .rpm packages any questions regarding the theme should go to its authors you ...
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Jan 02 2011

Gnome 3 Unreleased Edition

GTK2 Themes by moeenn
The Metacity is made by me. The gtk theme is based on Clearlooks Revemp by zentili, Kudos to him ! May be someone will take time improving this theme for gnome 2, since the gnome 3 is a long time form now.....(sigh)
linux gtk2 gnome theme unix
Dec 04 2010

Metro GTK+

GTK2 Themes by BassUltra
A gtk theme that takes inspiration from the Metro UI that windows phone 7 uses. This theme is pretty fast, scoring an average of 13 secs in the gtkperf on a pentium4 machine running ubuntu 10.10 32-bit. Screenshot 1: Shows the panel, gtk, nautilus elementary. Screenshot 2: Dark...
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Nov 25 2010


GTK2 Themes by untouchable89
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Nov 18 2010