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Big Sur Menu for Gnome Desktop

Gnome Extensions by fkorpsvart
[h1]Big Sur Menu for Gnome Desktop[/h1] [h4]This is a fork of [i][b]"Poppy Menu"[/b][/i] that I have modified adding some functions and decorations to make the menu more similar to the macOS menu in its Big Sur version and thus bring it to Gnome as an extension in the...
unix linux macos menu gnome extension apple bigsur
Sep 30 2020


GnoMenu Skins by gute
This is the start menu button seen in the screenshot. Developed for Matenu, this will probably work on GnoMenu as well.
unix menu linux gnomenu extension
May 27 2013


GnoMenu Skins by technoshaun
Made to go with the Azenis Gnome Theme by jameshardy88. Originally created by JJ Ying. Ported to KDE by Ezy. Using the KBFX theme by Ezy I modified it to work with GnoMenu. I used the Azenis Icon set by jameshardy88 and used some Icons from my Metallic theme to fill in those not in the...
unix menu linux gnomenu extension
Nov 08 2009