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Kawaiki Grub2 Theme

GRUB Themes by lion-d-gem-heart
Grub2 Theme matching Kawaiki. Forked from Vincliuice's Flat design Grub2 Themes. Simply download and run the install script.
boot bootscreen burg grub grub2 linux splashscreen theme unix
Sep 23 2021

La Linea

GRUB Themes by corto44
Tribute to a vintage cartoon La Linea by O. Cavandoli Same theme available for a plymouth animated cartoon [ubuntu 16.04 (grub 1280x1024 / screen 1920x1080)]
linux unix splashscreen grub burg bootscreen
May 10 2020

Futurebuntu Ani-04 Torquoise S Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by Markospoko
Futurebuntu Ani-04 Torquoise plymouth theme is a futuristic boot theme with another kind of nice loading animation mostly for Ubuntu/Mint: new Ubuntu logo was imagined and designed to align with the future of Ubuntu, having received a future view (but more than just a glimpse) of it, but you can...
bootscreen linux mint plymouth splashscreen ubuntu unix
Mar 18 2020

Dark Mint (plymouth theme)

Plymouth Themes by jsayol
Dark Mint is a theme for Plymouth, the boot splash tool for Linux. It's designed with Linux Mint in mind, but can be used in any installation that uses Plymouth. [b]How to install the theme[/b] Follow the download link to get instructions on how to download and install this theme
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Aug 15 2015

Ubuntu Narwhals Plymouth Bootscreen

Plymouth Themes by chinwildchicken
Hello, Ive found a Windows 7 Bootscreen for Linux. It looked nice, but its Linux, so there must be a Linux Bootscreen similar like this. And so finally, Ubuntu Natty was on my Computer, with that, an idea started in my head... Instead the Lights, use Narwhals, and this is what came...
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
May 05 2011

mint-sunrise plymouth splash screen

Plymouth Themes by Osiris-MP
Variation of ubuntu-sunrise plymouth theme
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Apr 27 2011

LinuxMint new logos unofficial plymouth

Plymouth Themes by maloy
This is an unofficial LinuxMint plymouth theme using de new acquired logos. To install it: 1*Extract the content of this file in /lib/plymouth/themes 2*Execute: $ sudo update-alternatives --install /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth...
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Apr 22 2011

Fun_With_Linux Plymouth Themes

Plymouth Themes by pegellinux
Fun_With_Linux !!! come with two design 1. with flag ^_^ 2. without flag :( how tu use: open your terminal: go to : cd /lib/plymouth/themes/ sudo cp -r /home/***/Download/Fun_With_Linux/ ./ (note : *** = is a your user directory, so change it as your name) and...
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Feb 14 2011

Plymouth Stargate

Plymouth Themes by zeckman1138
Plymouth Theme based of the Classic SG1 Macgyver Stargate. Modelled by myself and rendered in Blender 3D, with a bit Gimp action for post work. Idea came from someone with a wish on W8.. cheers Read the README for simple instructions on installing. Been tested on Nvidia (usual ratio issue)...
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Jan 15 2011

DM-Ubuntu Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by daniel4umint
This plymouth theme is intended primarily for those who use dark or darker GTK / GDM / Icons theme. In essence, this is some sort of beta version of the Plymouth theme for Ubuntu. It is built on the model of AwOken [Awesome Token] Icons theme. The code is partly borrowed from other Plymouth...
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Oct 03 2010