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Full Icon Themes by besgnulinux
Besgnulinux Icon Theme is adapted with Tela and Suru icons. Each color has light and dark icons. The Besgnulinux-all package takes up less space on the disk but contains all the colors. Install To install it on the system, open the terminal by right-clicking on the space in the directory where...
linux unix icon-theme besgnulinux
2 days ago

Material GTK Themes

GTK3/4 Themes by fkorpsvart
on [b]Reddit:[/b] [url=]r/unixporn.[/url] The colour palettes in this series
material gnome arch manjaro gtk linux unix theme
Jul 28 2022


Gnome Shell Themes by g-nome
Gnome Shell Themes for [url=]BlueSky Gtk+ Themes [/url] base on [url=]Arc-Theme[/url] Test on : - Debian 10 ( Gnome 3.30 / Buster ) - Debian 11 ( Gnome 3.38 / Bullseye ) - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ( Gnome 3.28 / Bionic Beaver ) -...
gnome shell linux unix theme gnome-shell
Jul 27 2022


Cursors by alvatip
[b][color=#ff0000]Borealis Cursors Theme[/color][/b] Cursor theme using a custom color palette inspired by boreal colors. ############### ### Installation ### ############### Installation instructions can be found on the [url=]GitHub[/url]...
linux unix cursor
Jul 24 2022

Wind0ws 11 Wow64 Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by 80lu
Fluent design icon theme, inspired by Microsoft Wind0ws 11 design. All icons were made in vector format and don't use extracted icons from Wind0ws. More than 23.000 downloads. Thank you linux community for the opportunity to develop this theme. Please feel free to leave a suggestion... Wow64...
fluent icon-theme linux papirus unix windows
Jun 25 2022

RR Dark Blue Gradient

Gnome Shell Themes by cp3o
[B] RR Dark Blue Gradient[/B] [B] code style adapted / Based / [/B] [B] from the Flat Remix GNOME/Ubuntu/GDM theme [/B] [URL=][/URL] [B] inspired by [/B] mcOS 11 GTK and Shell...
blue dark gnome gnome-shell gradient linux rr theme unix
Jun 23 2022

Gruvbox Icons Theme

Full Icon Themes by fkorpsvart
[b]Gruvbox Icon Themes[/b] Icon theme with the Gruvbox colour palette, created with the Oomox application in the Suru icon style. [b]More themes of the 'Code Editors Colours for GTK Themes' serie[/b] Material Themes, Shell and Icons [url=]Material GTK...
gruvbox gnome arch icons linux unix icon-theme
Jun 18 2022


GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93
A fork of human-murrine for gtk 3.24 Tested on ubuntu focal fossa devellopment branch. Modification of adwaita 3.24. TODO: Support for icewm Changelog: 26.06.2022 Some fixes regarding scrollbars and better support for gnome-shell 20.04.2020 improved modal menu and fixed some special...
gnome human linux theme ubuntu unix
Jun 06 2022

Marwaita Zorin

GTK3/4 Themes by darkomarko42
Marwaita GTK theme with zorin os color scheme for Cinnamon desktop(also support Budgie, mate, pantheon and unity) *EXTRACT ALL FOLDERS REQUIRED* *GTK 4.0+* *GTK 3.24*
cinnamon cyan gnome linux marwaita theme unix zorin
May 30 2022

Flipboard Sidebar

Latte Layouts by belka
Modern looking Flipboard sidebar for lattedock (requires Webslice widget) Installation: Layouts Editor => Docks,Panels => Import Note: Dark mode should be enabled after logging to Flipboard. Other hacks: * Accept input focus: Window Rules => Add new => Detect panel => Window Type...
dock extension latte linux unix
Apr 07 2022