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Graphite multicolor mode

Gnome Shell Themes by vinceliuice
Graphite gnome-shell theme multicolor mode
linux unix theme gnome gnome-shell
May 25 2023

Lavanda-Sea gtk theme

GTK3/4 Themes by vinceliuice
Lavanda-gtk-theme [b]Requirements[/b] - GTK `>=3.20` - `gnome-themes-extra` (or `gnome-themes-standard`) - Murrine engine — The package name depends on the distro. - `gtk-engine-murrine` on Arch Linux - `gtk-murrine-engine` on Fedora - `gtk2-engine-murrine` on openSUSE - `...
linux unix theme gnome
May 21 2023

joy Desktops

GTK3/4 Themes by rtl88
joy! is a new GTK, xfwm4, openbox-3, GNOME-Shell and Cinnamon light-mode and dark-mode theme which showcases a color scheme that is highly readable, colorful, and fun. The theme represents a careful crafting of modernized Numix elements, which have been structurally modified to have an out front...
light numix shells colors fun linux unix theme gnome
Mar 15 2023

Deeply Skeuo

GTK3/4 Themes by nestort
Fork of another theme of mine, [url=]Skewaita[/url], to make it even more skeuomorphic, but trying to keep legibility. It is a skeuomorphic theme (that is, non-flat, that tries to imitate real-world objects and interfaces, like real three-dimensional buttons)....
gnome linux theme unix
Dec 18 2022

Sweet Mars XFCE

GTK3/4 Themes by zayronXIO
Sweet-Mars-XFCE is a modification of the original theme by eliverlara. This has been modified only in order to integrate into xfce4. the rest of the elements of it have remained intact. [b]What changes in this thema?[/b] ----------------------------------------- [b]1:[/b] Toolbar of...
gnome linux sweet theme unix xfce4 xubuntu
Nov 03 2021


GTK3/4 Themes by darkomarko42
A GTK theme based on Aqua and Windows 7 style Support Budgie, Mate, Pantheon and Unity Desktop * GTK 3.24 *
aqua dark-theme gnome light linux macos theme unix windows7
Mar 24 2021


Gnome Shell Themes by Brahimsalem
- to move move “Show Applications” button from bottom to top in launcher run: gsettings set show-apps-at-top true Use this to undo it: gsettings set show-apps-at-top false
linux unix theme gnome gnome-shell
Dec 19 2020

Devil - Luna [formerly Luna-15-04] MATe and XFCE Ylmfos like

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93
Now Code is written for ubuntu Mate 20.04, and also for XFCE. This gtk3 theme is currently only for mate (and xfce). It uses adwaita 3.24.14 code and uses nearly no images for gtk3 to be as fast as possible. Have a nice eXperience using it ;). Zhe icons you might find with searching for...
gnome linux theme unix
Aug 02 2020


Gnome Shell Themes by macgeek
_______________________________________________________________________________________________ A very nice and compatible theme for GNOME _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Install Guide: 1 - Download Theme 2 - Create...
macos material shell linux unix theme gnome gnome-shell
Oct 08 2020

Ambiance Crunchy

GTK3/4 Themes by frombenny
It's an Ambiance like Theme for Fluxbox, Icewm, Openbox, Lxde, Xfce, Gnome2/Mate & Gnome3 (Unity, Gnome-Shell, Gnome-Classic & Cinnamon). Gtk-3.16 and Cinnamon 2.8 compatible. The objective is to have it working very well in all that environnements with a choice of 4 flavours. [b]NEW: set...
gnome linux theme unix
Apr 24 2020