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Adwaita Shell

Gnome Shell Themes by Initu
Gnome-Shell Adwaita Theme adapted for Ubuntu-Desktop 20.04 for those who like the Adwaita Theme.
linux unix theme gnome gnome-shell
Jul 22 2021

Yaru-Mint theme pack

GTK3/4 Themes by Initu
Theme based on Yaru with classic colors inspired by Linux Mint.
unix theme linux gnome
Feb 14 2021

Treepata - High contrast

Full Icon Themes by Treepata
Treepata - High Contrast - is based on the Xfce High Contrast icon theme, and developed for the Xfce environment. It attempts to include as many icons as possible (+2000), to create a unified look for your Linux system. -------------------- After having used the standard Xfce/Xubuntu icon...
unix treepata xfce white black linux icon-theme icons
Dec 29 2020