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Simp1e Cursor Theme

Cursors by zoli111
An aesthetic cursor theme for your Linux desktop. Available sizes: 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64 and 96x96.
light simple dark solarized breeze linux unix cursor
Jul 18 2021

Vimix cursors theme

Cursors by vinceliuice
Vimix cursors theme for linux desktop
linux unix cursor
Feb 23 2020

Capitaine Cursors

Cursors by krourke
Announcements ============= * New release: r4 now has HiDPI support, and better supports accessibility options on KDE and Gnome based desktops! * This release matches the 24x24px base size standard set by other cursor themes like DMZ -- if you find this too small for your taste, look for...
unix gnome breeze cursor capitaine macos linux kde
Feb 19 2020