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Cursors by brk95
DMZ-MAC-WHITE theme based on DMZ-white and OSX El Capitan cursor themes.
cursor dmz icon-t linux mac pardus unix
Nov 07 2019


Cursors by tec-1
A set of 35 gold-colored 3D mouse cursors for Linux (32×32 pixel), including most of the css3 cursors. To install: extract the files, then run the “install” script which will copy the necessary files to “~/.icons/GoldBooma2” and establish links to the cursor files. You then need to choose the m...
cursor linux unix
Feb 23 2017


Cursors by sanosuque
es el mismo tema que viene por defecto en la mayoria de distribuciones de gnome pero con el logo de ubuntu como reloj de espera
cursor linux unix
Jan 11 2016

DMZ White

Cursors by Luinicle
Here DMZ White one of the classics of GNU Linux cursors and cursors DMZ. If you are reaping this cursor is your solution because it is medium large. For those who do not know how insalarlo: Procedure: Open the root terminal and put sudo nautilus. TO run this command we will see a folder...
cursor linux unix
Jul 19 2013

Guitar Cursor: Telehead

Cursors by starcycle
Cursor theme full of the parts from the Fender Telecaster guitar. On GNOME, 1. open System> Settings> Appearances. 2. select 'Themes' tab. 3. drop archived file onto the window. You need some more steps on Ubuntu 10.04, 1. sudo gedit /etc/alternatives/x-cursor-theme. 2. in the...
cursor linux unix
Oct 19 2010

Rainbow cursor theme by Count0.

Cursors by Count0
Yesterday I searched for new cursors for my new Linux installation, but can't find any that better than my windows cursors I used 5+ years. Now after evening and half of day of work I ready to introduce this work. Originally I find this cursors in one of the Aston (
cursor linux unix
Sep 18 2009

Metallic 3D

Cursors by cyberbob
Animated 3D Metallic X11 cursor theme ported from '3D Metallic' mouse theme Copy the two folders 'Metallic' and 'default' to your ~/.icons directory and restart your X-Server. If you want to have bigger cursors, you have to create or edit the file .Xdefaults in your home directory...
cursor linux unix
Aug 29 2008


Cursors by jmariani
[b]Note: [/b] I'm not the author of this theme. I just only ported it. All congratulations should go to the original author. [b]Original author: [/b]jalentorn, on Monday, February 04, 2002 [b]Homepage: [/b][url][/url] [b]Source:[/b]...
cursor linux unix
Jan 15 2008

9 3 Aero

Cursors by jmariani
Comment from the author: " A simple Cursor XP theme to match my 9 3 Aero windowblinds skin. Best used at 75% if you like em tiny." [b]Original author:[/b] Night Train on Tuesday, September 04, 2007 [b]Homepage:[/b] [url][/url] [b]Source:[/b]...
cursor linux unix
Jan 08 2008

pclinuxos XPrience X11 mouse theme

Cursors by blackheart75
pclinuxos experience mouse cursor theme thanx to marko sosic for providing the base and scripts for this theme you can find his whole package for different distros including sources in the X11 mouse theme section, it is called pinux's tux cursors install howto: open...
cursor linux unix
Oct 25 2005