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Utsuho Reiuiji cursor

Cursors by muha0644
Animated Touhou cursors, featuring Okuu the bird-brain. Now you can ☢ in peace Made by and ported from windows to X11 by me
animated anime cursor linux touhou unix xcursor
Jun 26 2022

FFXI Chocobo Cursor

Cursors by astroneko404
A cursor theme of the cute chocobo from FFXI POL This is a migration of the Windows cursor theme (, what I did is just a Ubuntu adaptation. Notes: Since it is my first time to make a cursor...
chocobo cursor cute linux unix
Sep 27 2019

Burning Super Death Sword [for X11]

Cursors by zoomten
so you can use it with your haxx0rz linux/bsd/unix-like desktops based on [url="http://www.cursors
burning cool cursor fire flame linux sword unix
Jun 11 2019