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Blox Cursors

Cursors by jlue
Time for a new cursor style BloxCursors is an X11 mouse theme with a geometric look and feel. The package includes six colors and five different sizes. Colors: black, blue, red, orange, green and white Sizes: extra large, huge, large, regular and small
unix linux cursor
Dec 23 2020

Buuf Cursor animated

Cursors by darkeye90
Introduction: -Buuf cursor is a partially animated cursor that will complete the set of your desktop when you are using buuf icons. ============================================== Size: 24x24: available. 36x36: available. ...
unix cursor cursors linux
Dec 08 2018

Comix Serie All In One

Cursors by markitos66
Outlook of Comix Serie cursors by Marcus Haro, is not a faithful copy of Comix cursors by Jens Luetkens,, but my own original vision of the issue, trying to have significant variations, yet not lose the shape of the main cursor,...
cursor unix linux
Jun 27 2016

Brezze All In One

Cursors by markitos66
To Russian community: Now you can download them from Dropbox. [i]If you like the cursor themes called by me "all in one", I have other themes: 1. Alkano-aio [url][/url] 2. Hacked-aio...
linux unix cursor
May 08 2016


Cursors by markitos66
[i][b]Helium[/b][/i]: Aqua, Black, Gold, Lime, Magenta, Orange, Red, Silver, White and Yellow. Available cursors size: 24, 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pixels. It's fully animated, also is slightly translucent to help you position it quickly and correctly: currently has a 78 percent level of...
cursor unix linux
Mar 12 2016


Cursors by obnosim
Ardoise is a simple, dark and flat theme. All cursors have the same shape, only the symbol changes. Available resolutions are 24, 32, 48 and 72 px. Update: fixed the 100-no-shadow archive which was previously empty.
unix transparent linux shadow simple cursor dark
Jul 20 2016

Neutral++ White

Cursors by ducakar
It is based on Neutral (and jaguarx) theme. Changes: - all black cursors changed to white - left_ptr_watch changed (looks almost per-pixel like in Neutral Plus theme, except it's white) - watch is the same as left_ptr_watch - d&d cursors are replaced by more 'standard' cursors (e.g. dnd-copy...
linux cursor unix
Jan 06 2015

Fish Black

Cursors by markitos66
[i][b]Fish Black[/b][/i] is a X11 mouse theme multisized to 24, 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pixels. I've been monitoring this mouse theme and i've noticed that it has become a very popular topic, so I decided to make some changes that some friends have suggested. I will appreciate any comments to...
cursor unix linux
Apr 25 2014


Cursors by markitos66
[i][b]Parallel[/b][/i] is a X11 mouse theme multisized to 32, 40 and 48 pixels, fully built with Inkscape. I tested it under Pantheon, Cinnamon 2.0 with Muffin, KDE 4.10.5 with Kwin, Xfce 4.10, also Gnome 2/3.x and it works great. I added it symlinks for some cursors required for Steam, and...
cursor unix linux
Apr 20 2014


Cursors by markitos66
[i][b]HandsXP[/b][/i] is a X11 mouse theme of Windows XP's alternate scheme. Please tell me what you think this mouse theme. Thanks. This X11 mouse theme has 32 pixels, and is flat: no degraded, no blurs and no shadows. [b][i]I have tested it in Cinnamon with Muffin, KDE with Kwin, Xfce,...
unix linux cursor
Mar 06 2014