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Retrosmart X11 cursors

Cursors by mdomlop
Retrosmart is a X11 cursor theme created for personal use. Inspired by old Windows 3.x and OS X cursors, Retrosmart brings an old school feel to your wobbly-windowed desktop of today. This package includes white and black versions, with or without alpha shading.
cursor desktop gnome kde linux retro unix
Mar 14 2023

-C Series Cursros

Cursors by darkeye90
Definition : =============== Silver-c is a cursor's theme inspired by Faenza-Darkest status icons. Dark-C is a modified version of silver-c but in dark colors and small size. Light-C is a modified version of Dark-C but in light colors. Hack-C is is a modified version of Dark-C but in black and...
cursor dark hack light linux silver unix
Aug 29 2022


Cursors by yeyushengfan258
DeepinV20cursors for linux desktops
cursor linux unix
Sep 14 2020

LiOS V cursors

Cursors by im-ams
LiOS V,Cursors for humans **updated the old file with new one, can use in any possible screen resolution** Unzip file for user specific install move the LiOSV folder to ` ~/.local/share/icons` for system wide move it to `/usr/share/icons` Please consider supporting me, I...
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Nov 08 2020


Cursors by uloco
An X-cursor-theme for use along with the numixproject products. --------------------------------------------------------------- Please install the cursor and play a bit with it. Then tell me, whether you like it or not and what you would prefer to be changed to suit the numix design...
cursor linux unix
Mar 24 2015

Ring Serie for Right Handed

Cursors by markitos66
[i][b]Ring Serie for Right Handed [/b][/i]: Black, Accent Blue Base, Accent Green Base, Orange Base, Accent Red Base and White. Available cursors size: 24, 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pixels. I am offering the full serie for right and left handed, with property multi sized and also as pack for those...
cursor linux unix
Jan 25 2015


Cursors by markitos66
This new and original theme I built it entirely with Inkscape.[i]The first pLines mouse theme was 32 pixels, and the second was 48 pixels, and now is multisized 40, 48, 56 and 64 pixels[/i]. Cursor is a very simple, but is fully animated. It is based primarily on a [b]p[/b]oint and two...
cursor linux unix
Oct 10 2013


Cursors by starcycle
A Japanese ancient weapon, Samurai's Katana. Doesn't look good on the light themes, I guess. On GNOME, 1. open System> Settings> Appearances, select "Themes" tab. 2. drop archived file onto the window. On Xfce, 1. Untar the file into ~/.icons. 2. go to Settings Manager> Mouse, on...
cursor linux unix
Apr 10 2011

ATER Cursor Theme

Cursors by Simzer
This mouse cursor theme made for ATER theme family. This version is the first release. Please let me know what is your opinion and all suggestion welcome.
cursor linux unix
Oct 21 2006