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macOS Big Sur

Cursors by Kaiz
macOSBigSur cursor theme for Windows and Linux with [b]HiDPI[/b] display support. This cursor theme is built with [b][url=]clickgen[/url][/b] and render with the [b][url=]puppeteer[/url][/b]. This cursor theme support...
macos windows linux bigsur unix cursor
Nov 23 2021

Skyrim cursors for linux

Cursors by ru5ty
⚪ Skyrim by ru5tyshark ⚪ Cursor set for linux only, large 64x64~ pixel set for higher resolution displays. Left_ptr (normal) cursor captured at 1920x1080 ingame resolution and the rest made to suit from the gui artwork. All images / src material copyright Bethesda software. Fairly complete cu...
skyrim cursors linux unix cursor
Mar 23 2020

Alkano Serie for Righties

Cursors by markitos66
To Russian community: Now you can download them from Dropbox. Are you left-handed? You can download the same theme for lefties on [url][/url] Alkano Serie for righties has ten variations: Aluminium, Amber, Butter, Chameleon, Default...
cursor unix linux
Jun 26 2016


Cursors by KuduK
Original theme by Vampothika Thanks to Vampothika, allowed me to convert this pointer. For the conversion I used the wonderful script by coolwanglu cfx2xc (CursorFX converter!!!)
linux cursor unix
Apr 25 2011

Oxygen Neon

Cursors by qwerta
Stylized oxygen mouse theme created for use with dark desktop and especially for FRUiT's Neon suite.
unix linux cursor
Jan 29 2011

Arch Cursor Theme (simple)

Cursors by kgullion
A (very simple) cursor theme based on the Arch icon set. It is a mostly complete other than the resize cursors. Everything should be working correctly at this point (it was missing a few symlinks before) so if you notice anything weird, be sure to let me know. Might put up some more sizes...
cursor linux unix
Dec 08 2010