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Grand Theft Gentoo - Grub Theme

GRUB Themes by notpua
It is a simple grub2/ventoy theme, and the visuals are inspired by GTA San Andreas main menu. The original cover art image can be found here This also has support for ventoy now, with a dedicated installer. Installation: ...
grub-theme ventoy grub2 theme linux unix splashscreen bootscreen grub burg
Sep 06 2023

Doki Doki Literature Club GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by 13atm01
GRUB Themes with the theme from game Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! , 5 versions available This version made by my friend Juan Angeles Hernandez, I'm just giving suggestions and improving it a bit, thanks to him for making this version - (Twitter) - (GitHub)...
game gamegirl anime animegirl cute linux unix splashscreen grub burg bootscreen
Oct 07 2022