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Metacity Themes by novomente
[b]A Mac like colorful simple theme.[/b] There are [b]2 versions[/b] of the theme: * [b]normal version[/b] with usual titlebar size * [b]XXL version[/b] has larger titlebar (for touch screens) There is a version with freely customizable color as well as colored versions within the theme...
linux mac rounded colors unix xxl
Mar 19 2019

Starlight with NTWE version

Metacity Themes by novomente
Dark theme with [b]starlight luminous colors[/b] and [b]wide screen icons[/b]. "[b]NTWE[/b]" states for "[b]No Title Winter Edition[/b]". It's the theme without a title. There is a version with freely customizable color as well as colored versions.
shiny linux light dark colors unix
Dec 19 2018

DarkGraySmooth metacity window decorations

Metacity Themes by n3bu
DarkGraySmooth metacity window decoration It's my first metacity theme, so please dont't hit me :) rather than that I like constructive criticism, so please feel free ... This theme is based on the brilliant DarkX-2 theme by bvc (which seems not available out there anymore, so unfortunately...
unix linux
Jul 27 2017


Metacity Themes by wonkowonka
Dark theme that works with MATE Desktop and Gnome 2. This is the same as Humanoid-OSX-Black, by Humanoid, modded by Jiiprah but _NOW_ with coloured buttons on the foreground window. I just like coloured buttons. I also added an index.theme file so that it will install directly under the...
linux mate osx dark-theme unix theme
Jun 05 2018


Metacity Themes by dewman12
Here is a New Metacity Theme, “AzyCraz-3.0-metacity” with all six buttons. Theme has all six buttons, Menu, Stick, Shade, Min, Max, Close. I use the Cinnamon version of Linux Mint. When I had both the Overview Workspace and the Menu icon active they would overlap or be one under the other. I fix...
linux unix
Feb 17 2016


Metacity Themes by xlcheese
This works well with the default Zukitwo theme. I started with the Evolve metacity. I'm not sure the original creator of it. I simply added a hover effect to the buttons which match the Zukitwo theme.
linux unix
Dec 07 2013

AACE - Metacity

Metacity Themes by Padster
This is a port of requestedrerun's AACE theme for TrueTransparency (which can be found here: [url][/url]) to Metacity. The theme includes a version with titles and without titles, like the original theme. The min/max buttons...
unix linux
Nov 16 2012


Metacity Themes by cedl38
Theses themes use large buttons to make them easily clickable and GTK themes colors to be adaptable on them (see screenshots). Contain : - NaturA-simple : clear and large buttons collored - NaturA : clear and large buttons collored width shadows - NaturA-classic : uniformly colored titlebar...
linux unix
Jul 08 2012


Metacity Themes by kant-o
This metacity theme was initially inspired in the Dark Ugly Case metacity. It fits better (in my opinion) with dark gtk themes and it uses the dark[NORMAL] colour of gtk themes to produce the case around the window. The name is somehow inspired in the design of the buttons. Like in Adwaita, all...
linux unix
Feb 14 2012

Ambiance Oneiric non-pixelated corners

Metacity Themes by LeoZappa
This is a very slight modification of the Ambiance window decoration theme as found in Ubuntu Oneiric. It uses the metacity v2 spec in order to define less rouned corners, which may feel a bit more squarish, but at least do not look pixelated. Just keep it for a couple of hours and you won't...
unix linux
Feb 04 2012