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Metacity Themes by sixsixfive
Ceres is a simple and boring theme for MATE and Cinnamon in two colors without any transparency and much bling bling. It is made for the use with a mouse! Downloads Include: * GTK v1 colorschemes * GTK+ v2 themes in 96 and 192 dpi * GTK+ v3 themes that support both CSDs and traditional...
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Jan 23 2021

Meta-taro-city Reincarnation

Metacity Themes by 44-metal
Meta-taro-city Reincarnation is based on Libra 4_4 and 4_4c base color: #444444(4! 4! same as numix color) 2d base color: #2d2d2d(previous numix color?) Reincarnation_dokidoki fits with light GTK themes Reincarnation_ukiuki fits with dark GTK themes
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Jun 13 2020

Nimbus metacity3 theme.

Metacity Themes by ilar81
This is Nimbus metacity3. All needed packages for ubuntu(mint) and fedora is included. It work normaly with metacity3 or muffin window managers. But with mutter it work incorrectly. Also it support scaling. Original GTK2 version of Nimbus theme can be download here...
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Jun 03 2014

Humanoid OSX blend black

Metacity Themes by Lusepuster
A mod of the Humanoid OSX Dark theme, to: * Inherit the highlighting colors from the current GTK theme to the minimize/maximize/close buttons, * Inherit the GTK chrome color for the title bar for inactive windows, to better graphically distinguish the active window, * Draw finer black...
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Dec 12 2008