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Redmond GDM

GDM Themes by dindinG41TR3
All our themes are licensed under the GPL v3 Notices : * The Redmond themes are licensed under proprietary license, due in part to the similitude with copyrighted material from Microsoft * All trademarked names are only used as references and we do not intend to violate or take ownership of...
linux unix
Oct 24 2017

FreeSansGrrl-Remix + Extras

GDM Themes by wiiija
***Everything new from now on will only be available on Deviantart* [url][/url] Remix of FreeSansGrrl from SEPPE: [url][/url] Which was a remix from Simon Rei:...
linux unix
Aug 23 2016

Zukito Circle + LoliLinus-OS

GDM Themes by Pergentino
Based Zukito Circle
linux unix
May 24 2015

Mint Pro

GDM Themes by hackan301
Dark and straight to the point. I made it for MDM at first,this is the GDM version ( no real difference between them ) Anyone looking for the MDM version, it 's here: [url][/url] Enjoy :-)
linux unix
May 24 2013

Firefox - Take Back the Web

GDM Themes by cpuprocess
A theme with a Firefox background. I decided to make this because FF seems to fit with the Linux community's values. This version works best with monitors of ratio 16:10. It should also work with 16:9 monitors, albeit with a little distortion. The screenshot is from the 4:3...
linux unix
Feb 05 2013

Shid Anime theme

GDM Themes by shideneyu
Hellow' Mina-San linux brothers'! Mainly due to the lack of Anime themes for GDM/MDM, I decided to create my own. I didn't know how to do that, but thanks to my efforts and my unbielievable sagacity, I've ending reaching my dream, and have finally made a very cute GDM, giving Yuuko (from...
linux unix
Jan 14 2013

FlowDebi GDM

GDM Themes by XadhimX
Debian gdm theme with button look like coverflow...!!
linux unix
Aug 06 2012

Python Simple

GDM Themes by FuSpu
A Simple Python GDM for my Brother who starting with Python is finally wading into Programming... Logo is Official Logo from [url][/url]
linux unix
Jul 21 2011

UHU magic-book

GDM Themes by UHUboy
linux unix
Mar 12 2011

Akumin GDM - smleimberg

GDM Themes by smleimberg6275
Once again I have been working on making another GDM concept a reality. This time I have been working with FrozenTheaterD on his NEW Akumin design concept. He did the art work and I did the programing behind it all. I think it looks pretty great, but your downloads will help me believe in myself...
linux unix
Jan 24 2011