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Gnome Shell Themes by ZMA
50 Оттенков Серого. 4 темы для GNOME Shell. GTK3 + GTK2 themes, Beryl Theme и темы для Cinnamon в комплекте можно скачать здесь: 50 Shades of Grey. 4 themes for GNOME Shell. GTK3 + GTK2 themes, Beryl Theme and themes for Cinnamon download here: Download 50 shades of grey [url]https://yad...
unix theme linux gnome-shell gnome
Jun 04 2017

Modern Night

Gnome Shell Themes by misternotfound
Modern-Night Themes v.1 "More Elegant, More Modern Design, and More enjoy the Night" This is my first project. I was build this theme with mixing 4 Themes, such as : > BiSOFT-GTK3 > AmbianceDSBlueSB12...
linux gnome gnome-shell theme unix
Aug 19 2016


Gnome Shell Themes by DarkBeastOfPrey
Radiance-Gnome: Like Ubuntu's Radiance. Tested with Gnome 3.14 Should also work with Gnome 3.12 If you use the Dash to Dock extension you will get more functionality with this theme, such as focus of the running application. It seems there is a bug in GNOME. So if you want to see...
gnome gnome-shell theme unix linux
Jan 13 2015


Gnome Shell Themes by bul500
A Tron Inspired Theme for GNOME Shell Install by placing under /usr/share/theme or .theme/ Yellow and Black Power! ;) Please Rate and Promote :)
gnome-shell gnome unix theme linux
Aug 27 2013


Gnome Shell Themes by estaccato
Elegant Red theme for gnome shell Installation: Extract the downloaded folder into /usr/share/themes/
unix theme linux gnome-shell gnome
Sep 20 2012

Flieder Gnome-Shell-theme

Gnome Shell Themes by Karmicbastler
This is a new reworked Gnome-Shell-theme based on the Lavender-Theme. But this theme has more light colors and fits perfectly with the Lavender-gtk3-theme In this screenshots, I use the gnome-purple Icons. In the first download-link, you find the theme and in the second one, you find the...
linux gnome gnome-shell unix theme
Jun 30 2012

Google+ Nature Mod

Gnome Shell Themes by SzeTheProGamer
A Mod of the Google+ Shell Theme. Hope You Like It ;) This is my First Theme , I really hope You Like It :D If You however find any weired behaviour or anything You think should be changed , just leave a comment below , Thanks ! Tested On : [ Gnome Shell 4.1 ] Ubuntu 12.04 Precise...
gnome-shell gnome theme unix linux
Jun 25 2012

Elementary Lion

Gnome Shell Themes by DzaDze
Elementary Lion - Theme for Gnome-Shell Inspired by Dan Rabbit's Elementary Luna and some Mac OS X Lion elements. Including: - Minimalistic look - New switch ON/OF buttons - OS X Lion Overview/Workspaces look - Elementary menu selection & some more new good looking...
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Jun 02 2012


Gnome Shell Themes by BillyGalbreath1
Gnome-Shell Theme by BillyGalbreath based on jurialmunkey's original theme. !!! IMPROTANT !!! Please remove any previous versions before installing !!! IMPORTANT !!! This is mostly a default stock theme, which I am slowly theming part by part. Hopefully one day someone will port the...
linux gnome-shell gnome theme unix
Mar 30 2012

Pantheon Gnome-shell theme (revised)

Gnome Shell Themes by thongstele
unix theme linux gnome gnome-shell
Nov 26 2011