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EOS Shell

Gnome Shell Themes by BigCityCat
Designed to Look like Elementary OS transparent Panel. I recommend either hide top bar or Dynamic panel transparency extensions with this theme gnome 38 through 42
linux unix theme gnome gnome-shell
Apr 06 2022


Gnome Shell Themes by hackan301
************************************************************** Note: Since Gnome Shell 3.32 some things have changed. Latest version (2.3) is for Gnome Shell 3.32 and you must use a panel transparency extension with this version. Look below for my suggestion on useful extensions ! If you...
unix theme gnome gnome-shell colorful dark linux minimalism
Apr 13 2019


Gnome Shell Themes by umayanga
****** This theme is DISCONTINUED BUT a new versions of this theme is available on [URL=]mcOS11 GTK and Shell Theme[/URL] and [URL=]padOS theme[/URL] ******
linux theme unix gnome gnome-shell
Jan 30 2018

Numix Style Shell - GNOME 3.16

Gnome Shell Themes by Marathon2112
[i]A GNOME Shell theme that matches the Numix GTK+ theme.[/i] ------------------------------------- [b]Installation instructions:[/b] *Make sure the User Themes extension is enabled in gnome-tweak-tool (or activate it using dconf) *Create a .theme directory in your home folder (themes...
gnome gnome-shell unix theme linux
Aug 05 2017

Sleekblk (3.10, 3.12, 3.14)

Gnome Shell Themes by Devilzk
This theme aims to provide a simplistic, clean look for the shell. It's colour is designed around a dark style. It's just something I cooked up in my spare time. If you like it, great! Thanks for checking it out! To achieve the font globally, you can do so within gnome-tweak tool....
gnome-shell gnome theme unix linux
Feb 03 2014

Zukitwo Cupertino

Gnome Shell Themes by mlaggner
[b]Important note:[/b] this theme is designed for and tested with GNOME-Shell 3.4, GNOME-Shell 3.6 and GNOME-Shell 3.8 for GNOME Shell 3.4 - take version 0.5 for GNOME Shell 3.6 - take version 0.5.1 for GNOME Shell 3.8 - take version 0.5.2 for GNOME Shell 3.10 - take version 0.5.3 all...
theme unix linux gnome-shell gnome
Dec 17 2013


Gnome Shell Themes by prdiewelt
Gnome Shell theme for Gnome version 3.8/3.6. This theme is a modification of Frieze. However, optically it looks quite different. It is my first theme. ========== Known issues ========== • When using multiple monitors, only the background of the primary monitor is changed when switching ...
unix theme linux gnome gnome-shell
Jul 18 2013

Adwaita X Red

Gnome Shell Themes by xerukm
This is a gnome-shell theme based off of Adwaita, with a hint of red. GTK3 ENGINES REQUIREMENT: Ubuntu/Mint/Debian distros: sudo apt-get install gnome-themes-standard GTK2 ENGINES REQUIREMENT: Ubuntu/Mint/Debian distros: sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine...
linux gnome-shell gnome theme unix
Jul 17 2013

Sombre Porcelaine

Gnome Shell Themes by misterair
A dark Gnome-Shell theme initially based on Faeince theme, but now it seem totaly different. ;-) Small panel for a maximum windows space, adapted for dark wallpaper. I advise to use AwoKen icon theme (here: [url][/url])
gnome gnome-shell unix theme linux
Oct 26 2012

MixtureD Gnome-Shell Theme

Gnome Shell Themes by flamero
Please read the whole description. 2.0 UPDATE!! Made to work on the newer Gnome-Shell(the one on Ubuntu 12.10). Download → 1.1 UPDATE!! Enhanced install and uninstall files. Background images included on the download file. If you use an older v...
theme unix linux gnome-shell gnome
Oct 13 2012