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Gnome Shell Themes by mx-2
A Gnome shell theme which aims to bring back the look of the old transparent-black and colorful icons default shell from earlier Gnome versions to Gnome 45. Note: To get colorful icons you have to install an icon theme which provides full color shell icons as well. Source code and build...
gnome black non-flat linux unix theme gnome-shell
Oct 14 2023

NumixPack (Icons, Cinnamon, GNOME3, LXDE, MATE, Unity, Xfce)

Gnome Shell Themes by amorpher
Theme — Cinnamon, GNOME Shell, GTK+ 2, GTK+ 3 (up to 3.22), Metacity, Openbox, Unity, Xfwm, Xfce notifications Icons — PlataroNumix (extended and recolored from tsujan's Plataro — and SoftNumix (extended and recolored from Ghostdmn's Soft-gray — https:/...
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Aug 27 2017