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GTK3/4 Themes by nestort
This is a flat theme that tries to have maximum readability ("crystal clear"). To this end, different effects are used to indicate different statuses for the items (such as hover, selected, etc.). Buttons are inspired by Materia, although the effects are different. Animations are slow so they...
flat readable legible dark green linux unix theme gnome
Apr 17 2023


GTK3/4 Themes by etles-team
Re-design my Bionic-OSX in the past months ago, Now using "Blue" effect for hovering, selected, images..etc. Working great on the Gnome (GTK-3.20+) and Xfce (GTK-2.0), For Gnome-Shell not yet included. But you can use my custom Gnome-Shell Vanilla-Vaganza, Download it at here -->>...
gnome linux obsidian theme unix vanilla-vaganza
May 31 2018