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GTK2 Themes by packiyarajan
This is the same copy of Ambiance-green-pro theme which is a part of Ambiance-colors package from Ravefinity, but with lot of fixes towards the Cinnamon Desktop and I have also added respective Cinnamon Shell theme.
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Dec 27 2015


GTK2 Themes by ardchoille45
A grey theme for GTK2 and Metacity. This theme was user-requested. The gnome-carbonite icon theme, part of the Gnome Colors icon set, blends well with this theme. The Gnome Colors icon set can be found here:
gnome gtk2 linux theme unix
Aug 13 2012

Frank Theme (gtk+emerald) + Wallpaper

GTK2 Themes by Frankfrank
Frank Theme (ambiance based) the file (tarball) frank.tar.bz2 contain: Frank_2.tar.gz -----> gtk theme Frank_2.emerald ------> emerald theme and if you dont have ubuntu ambiance theme: Ambiance.tar.gz ----> original ambiance theme for the icon theme download from link. for...
gtk2 gnome unix theme linux
Jun 27 2011

iRon Silver GTK

GTK2 Themes by XadhimX
GTk theme based on gekos gtk was modified with added ironman pict in menu background...and change the proggress bar... hope you like it..!!
gtk2 gnome unix theme linux
Mar 16 2011

Mac OS X

GTK2 Themes by karahanzorbey
GTK Theme : Mac OS X Icons: MacUltimate Leopard OSX Font : Lucida Grande Office : IBM Lotus Symphony 3
linux gtk2 gnome unix theme
Jan 30 2011

Ultimate Edition 2.8 Theme Final

GTK2 Themes by TheeMahn
Cowboy created the default background, many however are involved through out the theme. JohnnyG created the wallpaper used in KVirc. I have used the Icon set from the Lava theme, previously created. Some of the other wallpapers were created by Admin-Amir. Ultimate edition 2.8 Theme Pack...
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Dec 11 2010


GTK2 Themes by Poseidon-Orlando
Cristal-Black 1.1 based on Murrine Applecore Theme Feel free to modify and share! Tema basado en Murrine Applecore, para los que gustan de los temas oscuros Incluye: Cristal-Black 1.1 GTK theme Cristal-Mac 1.1.emerald theme Panel transparente (2) Requiere: Faenza-Dark iconos...
linux gnome gtk2 theme unix
Nov 21 2010


GTK2 Themes by anpshkl
I loved the Ambiance theme developed by the Ubuntu folks. However, it was too rounded for my taste. This theme is simply less rounded, has slightly modified window borders and uses a different button layout. Nothing else has been changed from the original theme. I would like to add that I...
gnome gtk2 theme unix linux
Oct 12 2010

XP Transformation Pack (no installer)

GTK2 Themes by tckotb
How to install: install gnomenu from /gnoemnu/gnomenu-2.9.tar.gz add gnomenu to panel apply gnomenu theme install gtk themes (/Gtk/LUNE-EVO.tar.gz, /Gtk/xp-cursor.tar.gz, and /Icons/GnomeXP.tar.gz) Set wallpaper to /Kingsize_XP_Bliss_by_PacMani.jpg Right Click on panel, click...
linux gtk2 gnome unix theme
Oct 06 2010

SmartDark GTK

GTK2 Themes by 3dshifter
SMART-DARK A GTK theme created to fit with the new Ubuntu's colour scheme. In the pack you can find: - SmartDark GTK - SmartDark Metacity (created with Homosapien online customizer) - desktop background - panel background Unrar the archive and read the INSTALLATION.txt Made...
linux gnome gtk2 theme unix
Oct 01 2010