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GTK2 Themes by juandejesuss
This theme is inspired on my gtk theme Win2-7 but without any gtk-engine, totally using bitmaps and more like 7, just started tonight any comments to improve this work are welcome :) Same recomendation - use the "Panel_Win2-7.png" as your panel image background located in /gtk-2.0/Panel...
gtk2 gnome unix theme linux
Feb 15 2015

LighthouseBlue GTK2 Engine

GTK2 Themes by aubade
This is the LighthouseBlue GTK2 Engine that was removed in the 2.8.x releases of gtk-engines. I took a GIT snapshot of the tree right before the engine was removed, made a few modifications, and stripped the tarball down to the barebones, so it won't clobber your more up-to-date GTK engines when...
gnome gtk2 unix theme linux
May 05 2011