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JGD Spring Awakening GTK+ 2 theme

GTK2 Themes by jasong-designs
The JGD-Spring Awakening GTK+ 2 theme to go with its Openbox theme, which is included in this package. *Requires the Murrine theme engine. [b]Theme Engines installation for Ubuntu:[/b] In the [b]Ubuntu Software Center[/b], search for [b]Murrine[/b]. Then you can select [b]Cairo-based...
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Oct 12 2018


GTK2 Themes by scarrs
A GTK2 and GTK3 compliant Ambiance Theme, styled for your linux Desktop. Ambiance-Humanlooks-Nouveau is a new age GTK2-3 theme that sports the Ubuntu 12.04.3 Human colorset, an Ambiance style panel and new Ambiance-like window decorations. It looks really great and I use it as my main...
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Dec 22 2016

Mint-X-Fixed (dark menu)

GTK2 Themes by Cyr4x
Mint-X-Fixed theme based on the original Linux Mint theme. Added features: - Dark menubar to match Shiki-Colors-Metacity theme. - Totally unified look of GTK 3.x, GTK 2.x, and new Gnome client-side borders (as far as possible). - Theme mostly uses Murrine engine for GTK 2.x. Check...
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Jun 16 2015


GTK2 Themes by IamJustUs
Old Military greens. Gtk2 theme for: Xfxe4, Gnome2, Mate, E17, IceWm, OpenBox3, StandAlone Compiz, Fluxbox, etc., Engine=Pixmap, Mist Includes: gtk2 theme, IceWM theme, Xfce4WM theme, Openbox3 Icons=Faenza...
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Jan 29 2014


GTK2 Themes by IamJustUs
A blue steel look Gtk2 theme for: Xfxe4, Gnome2, Mate, E17, IceWm, OpenBox3, StandAlone Compiz, Fluxbox, etc., Engine=Pixmap, Mist Includes: gtk2 theme, IceWM theme, Xfce4 theme, Openbox3 theme Icons=Faenza ...
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Oct 02 2013

An Xfce Christmas

GTK2 Themes by fredbird67
This is a series of GTK, Xfwm, and icon themes I created to help you get into the Christmas spirit. The contents are as follows: * There are 5 GTK themes, 3 of which are shown in the first screenshot. All of these contain red and/or a shade of green that I refer to as "Christmas green" to...
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Nov 23 2011

Jaehoo Elementary OSX

GTK2 Themes by jaehoo
n_n This is the second version of my theme. Include metacity and gtk2, you can chose background and foreground color from your theme manager. Installation: 1. Install required packages: - sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-equinox gtk2-engines-aurora 2. Extract theme file into...
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Sep 04 2011

Ambiance-bordered (no desktop effects)

GTK2 Themes by MrBumpy4096
** About ** Ambiance-bordered was created to provide better usability over the original Ambiance for users without desktop effects enabled. Changes include: * There is now a dark border around the window contents for easier visibility of the window edge in the absence of a compositing...
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Apr 30 2011

Gnomintosh Lion

GTK2 Themes by boylott
This my contribution all the work is done by other contributors and talented members This theme is mix of : GTK leopard /Mod from Eamon63 Imetal from Krytarik And Elementary theme (hope they agree to reuse their work) I shacked them to get...
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Mar 16 2011


GTK2 Themes by ejrn
this is a gtk style for delta icons is based on aurora and equinox engines you can change the color to any you like este es un stilo gtk para el tema de iconos delta esta basado en los motores aurora y equinox le pueden cambiar al color que gusten :) original link of the cursors...
gtk2 gnome theme unix linux
Mar 10 2011