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Material Sweet Theme

GTK2 Themes by rafacuevas3
A material theme for gtk 2.0. For install download and unzip into /home/user/.themes/ folder.
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Aug 17 2016

Russian ornament

GTK2 Themes by ZMA
Русский орнамент. Две темы GTK 2 + GTK 3 и 13 metacity. P.S. Там есть русская свастика. Это русский народный орнамент с каймы полотенца, Орловская губерния, 1872 год. Russian ornament. Two themes GTK 2 + GTK 3 and 13 metacity. P.S. There is a Russian swastika. This Russian folk orname...
linux gnome gtk2 unix theme
Sep 07 2015

Raptor (Slickness remix)

GTK2 Themes by Eemo
WARNING - This theme is outdated and will not be updated any more. This underlies a lot of bugs, incompabilities, even if you're using an old version of GNOME or Mate. No GTK3 version. No Qt version. If you want to port it, you can without restriction. This is a remixed edition of ...
theme unix linux gtk2 gnome
Aug 31 2015

atom theme

GTK2 Themes by jonnydover
Colors inspired by Atom, the cool text editor from GitHub (no affiliation) and more particularly the One Dark theme. No real work done on the titlebars as this is intended for a tiling wm that doesn't use them. Big ups to Greybird and Almendra Black available at ...
unix theme linux gnome gtk2
May 22 2015


GTK2 Themes by i860228
It's a cross between the old GTK and CDE I have not created "from scratch", I just changed the color and some of the buttons. The theme is similar to the ancient GTK style. Made on the basis My advice is to use the icons and...
linux unix theme gtk2 gnome
Oct 22 2014


GTK2 Themes by IamJustUs
A gtk2 enhancement of KDE's Oxygen theme. I switched a family member from Kubuntu, to Arch and straight gtk2. Made this theme to ease them into their new home. Gtk2 theme for: Xfxe4, Gnome2, Mate, E17, IceWm, OpenBox3, StandAlone Compiz, Fluxbox, etc., Engine=Pixmap, Mist ...
theme unix linux gtk2 gnome
Jul 19 2014


GTK2 Themes by awo3it
Theme derived from the Coreman(i hope with approvation!) "ColorBlack Themes 0.2.2" in black on white background. Gtk 3 ambiance and Openbox simple theme also modified. Before installing, make a backup of the folders: .config/Trolltech.conf and .gtkrc-2.0 in your home,...
gtk2 gnome theme unix linux
Jun 18 2014

CDE Solaris Fix

GTK2 Themes by i860228
Best CDE theme for GTK 2
linux gtk2 gnome theme unix
Apr 16 2014


GTK2 Themes by Perberos
This metacity is a fork of W2k metacity. Based on the classic style of the NT serie. The GTK Theme requires [b]murrine engine[/b] and [b]redmond95 engine[/b]. [strike]Anti-Windows fell free to vote negative. lol[/strike] To install, write on the...
unix theme gtk2 gnome linux
Jun 25 2013

AdvenceR 8

GTK2 Themes by LozanoJack
Another MOST Adwaita based theme and most beautiful, with some parts of similar of Windows 8 and other some parts. 100% copatible with Fduntu Bottom-Panel Background: [AdvenceR_used.png use in screenshot] Conkyrc [config...
gtk2 gnome linux unix theme
Jan 15 2013