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GTK2 Themes by sixsixfive
Ceres is a simple and boring theme for MATE and Cinnamon in two colors without any transparency and much bling bling. It is made for the use with a mouse! Downloads Include: * GTK v1 colorschemes * GTK+ v2 themes in 96 and 192 dpi * GTK+ v3 themes that support both CSDs and traditional...
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Jul 23 2021


GTK2 Themes by IamJustUs
Khaki colors with glass highlights. Gtk2 theme for: Xfxe4, Gnome2, Mate, E17, IceWm, OpenBox3, StandAlone Compiz, Fluxbox, etc., Engine=Pixmap, Mist Includes: gtk2 theme, xfwm theme, openbox3 theme, icewm theme Icons=Faenza...
gnome gtk2 linux theme unix
Jun 24 2014

Lubuntu Bare Metal

GTK2 Themes by Lubuntufan
This is a theme based on my Shadowplay theme. This is my second theme for gtk2 and after my last theme I wanted something lighter and cleaner looking with a more metalic/tech feel to it. I am still getting a feel for GTK theme creation so there will still likely be bugs. Lubuntu has breathed...
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Dec 30 2013


GTK2 Themes by Huku9H1F
A simple, striped animated murrine theme that I made once to fit with Gnome-Wise icons. See Mirrunawesi Openbox theme :
theme unix gnome gtk2 linux
Feb 14 2013

Shiki-Colors Light Menus

GTK2 Themes by donaldbroatch
This is a slight modification to the Shiki-Colors theme by Victor C.. As the name implies, I've changed the menus to a light colour, which I find easier to read. I've only modified three of the many Shiki colours- Brave (blue), Dust (brown) and illustrious (pink). The themes require the...
theme unix gnome gtk2 linux
Jan 31 2013


GTK2 Themes by marcaemus
A dark, not black, theme to use that looks good in tiling WMs. Mild greys instead of white to relieve the eyes. Menus in seamonkey/firefox are readable without a custom user.css. The case of substance over style.
gtk2 gnome linux unix theme
Aug 19 2012


GTK2 Themes by DDZ
MurrinaSeasons contains MurrinaSpring, MurrinaSummer, MurrinaAutumn and MurrinaWinter based on MurrinaAquaIsh with Clearlooks/Ubuntulooks-Looking Roundness and matching the Seasons E16 and GTK+ theme colors by Rephorm ([url][/url]) and THR4K...
theme unix gnome gtk2 linux
Mar 06 2012

Radiance gray

GTK2 Themes by Lazich
Based on Radience Ubuntu 10.04 Icons based on Elementary icons Update 20. November 2010. -Small scrollbar Update 23. May 2011. Radiance grey for Unity
theme unix gnome gtk2 linux
Feb 22 2012

Simply Choice 1.0

GTK2 Themes by LordPickle
This is a new theme I've been working on called Simply Choice. Its mostly based of a couple of prevoius themes I've done "Simply Basic" and "Simply Basic II". There are two versions of this theme included “Simply Choice” and “Simply Choice Global”. The first is the standard version that most pe...
gtk2 gnome linux unix theme
Feb 09 2012

Pipboy 3000 - Fallout

GTK2 Themes by max8521
Fallout Pipboy 3000 theme - gtk2 and metacity theme - icons pack
gtk2 gnome linux unix theme
Dec 19 2011