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Yaru for XFCE

GTK2 Themes by volex
Since the original Communitheme / Yaru theme does nothing with xfwm windows, this small theme was created for those who use XFCE as desktop environment. You should install this together with original theme and select it in the Windows Manager
gnome gtk2 communitheme unix theme xfce xfwm yaru linux
Mar 15 2020

Mint-X-Mod (Cinnamon+GTK+Metacity)

GTK2 Themes by dirn
Dark version of Mint-X - GTK3 and GTK2 codes were mod version of Mint-X theme from Qiana. - Cinnamon code was a mod version of Linux Mint Cinnamon theme from Qiana. Credit goes to original authors. Tested on: - Linux Mint 17.1 (Cinnamon) - Linux Mint 17 (Cinnamon) - Linux Mint 17...
theme unix linux inactive gtk2 gnome
Jun 14 2015

Lubuntu XP three flavors

GTK2 Themes by Lubuntufan
I know this has been done before but I had already started these when I found the numerous other XP themes out there and decided to finish them anyway. I made these for a friend wanting to try out lubuntu who was a little daunted by the prospect. Included are: 1. Three standard XP color...
linux unix theme gtk2 gnome
Apr 14 2014


GTK2 Themes by IamJustUs
Royal Noir meets Android Gtk2 theme for: Xfxe4, Gnome2, Mate, E17, IceWm, OpenBox3, StandAlone Compiz, Fluxbox, etc., Engine=Pixmap, Mist Includes: gtk2 theme, IceWM theme, xfwm theme Icons=Faenza MouseCursor=Comix...
linux unix theme gtk2 gnome
Oct 02 2013

GES Brave

GTK2 Themes by Polesz
Grainsboro Equinox Silver Brave - Only Brave color - Equinox theme engine required
linux gtk2 gnome theme unix
Apr 01 2011


GTK2 Themes by Artaserse
linux unix theme gtk2 gnome
Jan 15 2011

Plastic Epidemic

GTK2 Themes by ceebeebg
Plastic 3.3 Linux Gnome Desktop Theme... Murrine meets Equinox on this excursion. Some images used - mainly transparent total image weight 9.4 kb... Runs with or without menubar applets - better with nautilus elementary... very flexible as the colours are changeable via the usual...
gnome gtk2 unix theme linux
Dec 01 2010


GTK2 Themes by untouchable89
AmigaOS4 theme.
theme unix gnome gtk2 linux
Nov 26 2010

Elegant Gnome Pack

GTK2 Themes by arobase
[b]--------------------------------------------- If you wanna appreciate the job that was done, you can send a small donation via PayPal at [i]""[/i]. Thanks in advance. ---------------------------------------------[/b] [b]UPD: The package for Linux Mint 10 is now available in...
gtk2 gnome unix theme linux
Nov 16 2010

Elementary Ubuntu

GTK2 Themes by blaede22
DanRabbit`s elementary theme modified to match Ubuntu`s color scheme. What I did: - Changed selection/highlight color to orange - Enabled elementary`s dark panels - Modified breadcrumbs and other Nautilus images to give them an orange highlight - Modified close and menu buttons for...
gnome gtk2 unix theme linux
Oct 28 2010