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mcOS Monterey for Cairo Dock

Cairo-Dock Themes by fkorpsvart
¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ [b]The new version of macOS, macOS Monterey, is just around the corner, and it is loaded with many new features; And many of us in the Linux Community want to experience an interface similar to that of macOS Monterey. With that in mind I have decided to ...
maos monterey linux bigsur extension cairo cairo-dock dock unix
Jun 20 2021

Old round

Cairo-Dock Themes by m0g13r
mod/mix of gauges
linux dock cairo cairo-dock gauge extension unix
Jan 05 2020

mcOS Mojave for Cairo Dock

Cairo-Dock Themes by fkorpsvart
Themes elaborated to have the appearance of the popular macOS Dock. I hope you enjoy them!! Importing themes in Cairo Dock There are two ways to import the themes in Cairo Dock, both very easy to do. >>> First way. The first way is extracting the files from the .tar.gz package and...
linux mojave macos extension cairo cairo-dock dock unix
Jun 27 2019

Borderless cairo-dock

Cairo-Dock Themes by EliasAlves
I included a zipped including .svg icons to have battery gauge like mine, if you have a laptop is a good idea to have it matching sphere theme. open terminal and type : sudo nautilus,go to /usr/share/cairo-dock/gauges/Battery and replace icons there, maybe is necessary to restart system. A...
linux dock cairo-dock extension unix
Aug 02 2014

[Cairo-Dock] Oxygen

Cairo-Dock Themes by MastroPino
This theme is inspired by Oxygen from KDE and Oxygen Refit made by Chrispy ([url][/url]). I try to make a theme that can be integrated on KDE too. Any suggestions are welcome. Feel free to leave a comment =) [b]Special[/b]:...
unix dock cairo-dock linux
Feb 09 2009

Sauna thermometer gauge for Cairo-Dock

Cairo-Dock Themes by nickapaul
This is a gauge for Cairo-dock resembling a wooden Scandinavian Sauna thermometer (yes, the real thing DOES go to 100C and beyond!) for system monitor. It is based on Old Square, and in fact I ripped the theme.xml from that one. As Old Square, Sauna gauge also features a double-needle for use...
unix extension dock cairo-dock linux
Jun 21 2010

Elementary Grey by Rob Cairo-Dock theme

Cairo-Dock Themes by rob1j92
(Automatic translation, sorry for the quality of language) Theme for Cairo-Dock (tested with version 2.1.3) together with the themes "Elementary ..." All icons are in SVG format. Alternative icons and indicators in the theme folder after installation (or directly in the package). If...
linux extension dock cairo-dock unix
Apr 15 2010

gericom Cairo-Dock Theme

Cairo-Dock Themes by HATRED
Yet another elementary thing, this time for the real GNOME dock :) This theme i made it to match the elementary project by DanRabbit and shiki-colors & gnome-colors by perfectska04. Hope to like it and, then vote up, but if u vote down, please drop a line, just to tell the community why you...
unix linux extension dock cairo-dock
Mar 14 2010

Cairo-Dock Humanity Icons 4 ConfigPanel

Cairo-Dock Themes by MastroPino
This set of icons comes from the desire to see this toolbar integrated into decently fresh installation of ubuntu. I started from the theme Humanity, created by the great [b]DanRabbit[/b] and his associates, via a semantic revaluation I created the icons necessary. This is a [i]beta release[/i],...
linux unix extension cairo-dock dock
Dec 10 2009

Humanity-Dock for Cairo-dock

Cairo-Dock Themes by MastroPino
This theme aims to revolutionize the look of the [b]Cairo-Dock[/b] for the integration with the theme of Humanity. Also attached the theme for the basket and the icons for the music player applet, the latter created by me on the basis of the icon's default music player in this original theme....
linux unix cairo-dock dock extension
Nov 23 2009