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AWN panel MINT (lucido style)

AWN Themes by UbuntuShark
Panel is a combination of grey and green colour based for the lucido style in AWN. Panel colours are originally ment for Mint version of ClearLooks Revamp theme. I suggest to use Mint-X icons. Icons, as well as Mint theme, can be download from here:...
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Jan 26 2011

Maverick Ambiance AWN Theme

AWN Themes by DrAcid
This is my first theme for Avant Window Navigator. :) I know, there already IS a theme for Ambiance/Radiance, but I thought it was just a *tad* not... I guess [i]orange[/i] enough? Not [i]Ambiance[/i] enough... So, here's my vision for Maverick AWN... I hope it will be useful! ;) It...
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Oct 02 2010

awn lucid bottom panel theme

AWN Themes by gitiret
dock extension awn unix linux
Mar 08 2010