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Colloid for Unity

Various Gnome Theming by mcder
Additional files for making Colloid theme compatible with Ubuntu Unity 22.04 Instructions: - Install [url=]Colloid[/url] - Copy the unity folder to where the theme is installed.
gnome linux theme ubuntu unity unix
May 09 2022

Sky Blue theme for Libreoffice 6.x.x

Various Gnome Theming by mike-linux-nl
SKY BLUE theme for LibreOffice 6.x.x On Linux Mint 19.1 i am using a light/white theme. In order to colorize my Libreoffice 6.4.2 a bit, i decided to make a custom personas theme for it, and included an installer. Before installing, make sure you read the READ-ME-FIRST.pdf file that is...
gnome libre linux office openoffice theme unix
Jun 13 2019