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Forest by night

Various Gnome Theming by nestort
This is a Gradience color preset, which includes CSS for undershoots. It is a dark theme, with green accents and nightly nature shades. It's easy on the eyes, not too dark, so you can tell windows apart easily. Headerbar is dark blue with bright yellow text (the stars!). I suggest using...
libadwaita gradience adwaita-dark linux unix theme gnome
May 30 2023

Adwaita Dark Green

GTK3/4 Themes by IBBoard
Adwaita Dark Green is based on Adwaita but with a darker colour set (inspired by Mediterranean Night Dark*) and dark menu bars. I find Adwaita too bright, and the Mediterranean series didn't keep up with GTK3's progress, so I made my own version. I used Adwaita as a base as it made integrating...
adwaita adwaita-dark linux unix gnome theme
Apr 26 2022


GTK3/4 Themes by gnostiphage
The GNOME 3.36 refresh of Adwaita looks fantastic, but I was tired the usual blue, so created 12 color variants I thought I'd share (along with a script I wrote to pull all the files necessary for the GTK2, GTK3, and gnome-shell parts of the theme and modify them appropriately). They're simply...
gtk3 gtk2 gnome-shell adwaita-dark dark linux unix theme gnome
Mar 30 2020