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Arch Linux Old Logo Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by alexbot2000
Plymouth theme for Arch Linux based on the old Ubuntu theme and with a mix of the old Arch logo used between 2003 and 2008 and the current one.
archlinux arch old skeuomorph plymouth linux unix splashscreen bootscreen
Nov 29 2023

Star Rail Grub Themes

GRUB Themes by voidlhf
A pack of GRUB2 themes for Honkai: Star Rail more preview images: The labels in the bottom right corner of the preview image will not be displayed in the theme file. Installation: Using the Guinaifen theme as an example 1....
linux unix splashscreen bootscreen grub burg grub-theme grub2 archlinux ventoy-theme ventoy
Nov 17 2023

Xenlism Grub Theme

GRUB Themes by exenatt
Xenlism Grub Theme fork form Grub-theme-vimix Ubuntu Style Debian Style Arch Linux Manjaro Linux Fedora Linux NixOs Linux Kali Linux Mint Linux Gentoo Linux PopOs Windows MacOs If you have a problem with install script. unpack tar.xz open unpack folder. you...
archlinux kali ubuntu grub grub-theme linux unix splashscreen burg bootscreen
Jun 01 2023


GRUB Themes by kalanaj2005
Hex theme for GRUB Installation ------------------------- 1.Change permissions sudo chmod a+x 2.Run the install script ./
arch archlinux bootscreen burg grub grub-theme grub2 linux splashscreen unix
Jul 10 2021

Sweet Arch Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by abrahammurciano
Make your Arch Linux splash screen look wonderful with this theme inspired by Sweet by EliverLara.
arch archlinux bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen sweet unix
Mar 24 2021

Plymouth Paw Arch Dark

Plymouth Themes by menelkir
A plymouth theme for Arch Linux, based on plymouth-theme-paw-arch
archlinux bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
May 10 2019