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Cursors by isylumn
Black and white cursor schemes inspired by the SUSE mascot - The chameleon's face changes colors while the system is busy. How to Install cursors 1. Copy the theme under /usr/share/icons/ 2 sudo cp -r new-theme/ /usr/share/icons 3. Select theme from Start>Settings>Appearance And...
camoflauge chameleon cursor cursors linux unix
Mar 24 2019

Color Changing Chameleon

Plymouth Themes by isylumn
SUSE operating system mascot inspired chameleon that cycles through colors during the boot process How to Install Boot Themes on Linux Mint * 1. Copy the new theme under /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ $ sudo cp -r new-theme/ /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ * ( Some distros will tell you...
bootscreen chameleon colors linux plymouth splashscreen suse unix
Mar 24 2019