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GTK3/4 Themes by infnty
Builds of adapta-gtk-theme, a flat material design inspired theme, for a variety of material design colors rather than just the standard cyan. Screenshot gallery: (for v3.91) Following color variants are included: * Adapta-Red * Adapta-RedGrey *...
linux unix gnome theme flat material multicolor light dark
Sep 29 2018


GTK3/4 Themes by BBOSAK2143
I am leaving this at the same name I came up with a few years ago as is the same principle. I have done the utmost to improve on looks and quality. I am still hoping to capture the quick load on every device possible. The gtk.css file is still rather small since is still under 800 lines and now...
linux gnome theme unix
Nov 11 2017


GTK3/4 Themes by tuxkernel
Windows95 GTK3 Theme by Tuxkernel. Based in Classic95 GTK Icon Theme by GUTE. This theme includes: * Winamp Audacious Classic (For Audacious) * MS Sans Serif True Type (The default font used in Windows95 OS) * Grub Background Image (Windows95 startup...
linux unix theme gnome
Sep 01 2017

xenlism : minimalism

Gnome Shell Themes by exenatt
[b]#What's Xenlism?[/b] xenlism is Computer Graphic And Programming project to make something better. xenlism is about minimalism and realism. [b]#What's is Xenlism minimalism?[/b] xenlism minimalism is Gnome / GTK theme for Gnome 3.x desktop environment. xenlism minimalism inspired...
linux minimalism gnome gnome-shell theme unix xenlism
May 04 2018


Gnome Shell Themes by kevin-leptons
VENOM ====== This is theme for Debian-8 with monochrome, high-contrast, no-border-radius, no-shadow. Package contains: GTK3 theme, GNOME theme, Icons theme and Window theme. INSTALL ======= Do not install venom by installation feature of gnome-look because gnome-look not work with Debian...
gnome gnome-shell theme unix linux
Aug 03 2017

Ambiance Classic theme (MATE)

GTK3/4 Themes by sigmatronics
Have you missed the original Ubuntu 10.04 Ambiance theme? Now you can have it again! This theme is remade from Lucid to work with the MATE desktop environment in Ubuntu 16.04.2 (Xenial). It includes the taller menu buttons, shiny window controls and arrow maximize/minimize buttons. To use this...
linux unix theme gnome
Feb 16 2017