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Tokyo Night GTK Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by fkorpsvart
:[/b] [url=]r/unixporn.[/url] The colour palettes in this series of themes
gnome arch ubuntu gtk tokyonight linux unix theme
May 30 2023

Tokyo Night Gnome Shell Themes

Gnome Shell Themes by fkorpsvart
[b]Tokyo Night Gnome Shell Theme[/b] Tokyo Night is a GTK theme based on the [url=]Gruvbox Material VSCode[/url] and [url=]Graphite[/url] theme by [url=]@VinceLiuice[/url] and part...
tokyonight shell gnome arch linux unix theme gnome-shell
May 30 2023

Tokyonight Theme for Gnome Text Editor

Various Gnome Theming by fkorpsvart
[b]These are themes for Gnome Text Editor and Gedit to complement the GTK Tokyonight themes.[/b] ----------------------------------------- ‹› --------------------------------------- - [b]Installing Gedit[/b] Currently, the new GNOME Text Editor is installed by default, and Gedit can be ins...
editor gedit gnome linux theme tokyonight unix
Mar 03 2023

Tokyo Night for Plank Dock Themes

Plank Themes by fkorpsvart
[b]This is a Plank Dock theme that complements the GTK Tokyo Night Theme. I hope you like it and enjoy it };-] [/b] ----------------------------------------- ‹› ----------------------------------------- [b]Installing Plank Dock[/b] > Plank Dock is in the repositories of all most Linux dis...
arch dock extension gnome linux plank plankdock tokyonight unix
Jan 12 2023

Tokyo Night Icon Themes

Full Icon Themes by fkorpsvart
[b]Tokyo Night Icon Themes[/b] Icon theme with the Tokyo Night colour palette, created with the Oomox application in the Suru icon style. [b]More themes of the 'Code Editors Colours for GTK Themes' serie[/b] Material Themes, Shell and Icons [url=]Material GTK...
arch gnome icon-theme icons linux tokyonight unix
Oct 01 2022