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Arch Linux Old Logo Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by alexbot2000
Plymouth theme for Arch Linux based on the old Ubuntu theme and with a mix of the old Arch logo used between 2003 and 2008 and the current one.
archlinux arch old skeuomorph plymouth linux unix splashscreen bootscreen
Nov 29 2023

Cursor Theme Wonderland

Cursors by Blackcrack
The Wonterland, known from MDK/MDV and Openmandriva i have upload this nice Cursortheme to have it in the Future and store it here on the right place for all.
linux unix cursor mandrake blacky mandriva
Sep 12 2023


Gnome Screenshots by inxs121212
debian 12
linux unix screenshot gnome
Jun 30 2023

Gradient-black with Hi DPI support

GTK3/4 Themes by kanehekili
A dark GTK theme supporting gtk2,gtk3 and gtk4. This theme was written for the GTK3.22+, changed for GTK4.6 and includes a matching gtk2 Version. It is supposed to be the anti thesis of the flat "material design" and has gradients! It supports the most popular DE like Gnome, XFCE,Cinnamon and...
xfce4 cinnamon gtk3 metacity gtk48 linux unix theme gnome
Jun 22 2023


Plank Themes by htwo
1.0 > #Catalin Dark + #Catalin-Light + #Catalin-Green + #Catalin-Grey 2.0 > #Catalin-Maya + #Catalin-Navy + #Catalin-Purple + #Catalin-Rust 3.0 > #Catalin Dark Fade Out + #Catalin-Light Fade Out + #Catalin-Grey Fade Out + #Catalin-Rust Fade Out
catalina mojave sierra macos plank linux unix extension dock
Apr 27 2023

Window Soft

Plank Themes by htwo
1.0 > #Window Soft - Dark + #Window Soft - Light 2.0 > #Window Soft - Grey + #Window Soft - Rust 3.0 > #Window Soft - Green + #Window Soft - Maya 4.0 > #Window Soft - Dark Fade Out + #Window Soft - Light Fade Out 5.0 > #Window Soft - Maya Fade Out + #Window Soft - Rust Fade Out
dock plank plankdock windows windows11 linux unix extension
Apr 27 2023

Amiga Inspired Guru Meditation Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by Tweak
Amiga Plymouth Theme including all modes : Boot-Up, Shutdown, Updating, Suspend, Resume, Logout, Reboot. Animations have been added. Everything else has been updated. May not appear exactly as the image does, depending on the version you install. The latest version is for Lunar Lobster.
amiga amigabuntu bootscreen commodore kubuntu linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Apr 15 2023

KDE Classic Remastered

Cursors by alexbot2000
The default cursor set from KDE 3.X and before, remastered with SVG. Now with 2x and 3x scales!
kde retro cursor linux unix
Mar 19 2023

NineIcons Redux

Full Icon Themes by aitees
An icon theme in the style of Apple's Mac OS 9. I used Grassmunk's excellent NineIcons icon set as a starting point, but I've added many new icons and fixed symbolic links for KDE Plasma. This theme isn't aimed at being a 100% faithful recreation of Mac OS, but it does give the feel of classic...
mac apple retro platinum os9 linux unix icon-theme
Feb 16 2023

Uni Versal Union

Full Icon Themes by count-jj-of-sg
Uni Versal Union is an icon set for steam deck that gives it a look approved by our benefactors. May not work on flatpak applications.
combine half-life icon-theme linux steamdeck union universal unix
Jan 20 2023