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WindozeXP 1080p

Plymouth Themes by liftu
=== Disclaimer === I just edited the work of LASZCZ ( Edits from original : - Scaled it to 1080p. - Added some loading frames to complete the progress bar cicle. - Translated the copyright to english. - Moved the progress bar down a little to match the...
linux plymouth splashscreen windowsxp unix bootscreen bootsplash
May 24 2021

XP 2002

GTK2 Themes by krig
XP Luna blue clone theme, Pixbuf engine needed (gtk2-engines-pixbuf) You can easily change some colors by typing the command " gnome-appearance-properties " into the gnome-terminal, then -> Theme -> Customize -> Colors.
unix theme windowsxp linux gnome gtk2
Apr 04 2011