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Windows XP scalable icontheme

Full Icon Themes by Blackcrack
Windows XP [size=5]KDE real XP Let There be ... Classic ![/size] Scalable XP Icons for KDE4 and Plasma from - Letz there be Classic ! so then there for Linux have FuN FolkĀ“s For Konsole : [i][b][font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font ...
blacky windowsxp xp winxp linux unix icon-theme
Jan 26 2023

GnomeXP Windows XP icon theme

Full Icon Themes by matias-saibene
This icon theme is not mine, I downloaded it a long time ago and found it on my PC recently and it goes very well with WinXP themes for KDE Plasma, but it sure works with other desktops.
icon-theme linux unix windows windowsxp winxp
Sep 03 2022

WindozeXP 1080p

Plymouth Themes by liftu
=== Disclaimer === I just edited the work of LASZCZ ( Edits from original : - Scaled it to 1080p. - Added some loading frames to complete the progress bar cicle. - Translated the copyright to english. - Moved the progress bar down a little to match the...
bootscreen bootsplash linux plymouth splashscreen unix windowsxp
May 24 2021