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Ambiance MOD

GTK3/4 Themes by on3xyzZ
Ambiance theme from Ubuntu 14.04 modified with Dark Sidebar and modified min, max and close buttons.
gnome linux theme unix
Apr 01 2015

Mac OSX Lion

Cursors by fierta
Mac OSX Lion cursors
cursor linux unix
Oct 02 2013


GTK3/4 Themes by lithopsian
This theme is based on the GTK2 Prudence theme, similar to Clearlooks, but with paler blues and many improvements. The Openbox and GTK3 themes are written to match. The tarball includes GTK2, GTK3, and Openbox themes. Some theming is included for Gnome and other panels, including XFCE4...
gnome linux theme unix
Mar 04 2015

Ambiance -aero or win3-7 you`ll decide

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93
Hi, this is the beginning of either Ambiance-Aero a simple gtk3 theme for 14.10 Or The beginning of win3-7 pack would mean: more themes, improvement in this theme , better support + install script etc. For starting the win3-7 pack for ubuntu 14.10 project i would need donations. But...
gnome linux theme unix
Jan 05 2015

Numix Flat

GTK3/4 Themes by mfy
I designed this theme get inspired by flat theme style and I made this theme based on numix gtk theme. --------------------------------------- Installation Just unzip the file and place it in your themes directory /usr/share/themes --------------------------------------- Icon...
gnome linux theme unix
Dec 24 2014

Kalahari-Dark ChocoDarkOrange

Full Icon Themes by Ocean-Sea
Kalahari-Dark ChocoDarkOrange ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ These icons are based on the icons: Kalahari-Icons-Ubuntu Artist: elgatonegro Name: Mariano Ramon...
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 09 2013

Arc-Colors GDM-Walls

GDM Themes by perfectska04
This is a set of GDM's/Wallpapers made to match my GTK themes "Shiki-Colors" and my icon themes "GNOME-Colors". There are 7 versions included: (Brave/Blue, Human/Orange, Wine/Red, Noble/Purple, Wise/Green, Dust/Chocolate and Illustrious/Pink) The GDM themes have a max resolution of...
linux unix
Aug 03 2009

Yellowstone. (Yosemite for ElementaryOS)

GTK3/4 Themes by zerouno-it
An Elementary OS theme. Is a modified version of the default Elementary theme that looks like the "new" OS X 10.10. This is a work in pogress. You can help forking it on github: [b]HOW TO INSTALL:[/b] Extract in ~/.themes (if the folder didn't...
gnome linux theme unix
Jun 27 2014


GTK3/4 Themes by tsujan
NOTE: ====== Unfortunately, after years of Gnome3, even minor updates of GTK+ or Gnome-Shell break themes and waste hours of work. GnomishGray is a silver gray theme for GTK3. It also contains a matching GTK2 theme, that depends on the latest Murrine and Pixmap engines. *** Current...
gnome linux theme unix
May 05 2014

Blumix 1.2(upd) [minimal Gtk3.10 theme]

GTK3/4 Themes by rhoconlinux
[b]Update 1.2[/b]: I updated the theme with several improvements including alpha support to Unity. This 1.2 version is the "Edge" Version. Due to changes in gtk engine in gnome 3.11+ this theme suffer from a bug that cut-off the buttons. A complete rewrite based on Adwaita theme is needed, since...
gnome linux theme unix
Feb 27 2014