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GRUB Themes by gabrielgry
#Plasma 5.11 | 16:9 | Plasma logo Plasma_5.11-light_16-9-GRUB2-1.0 #Plasma 5.11 | 4:3 | Plasma logo Plasma_5.11-light_4-3-GRUB2-1.0 #Plasma 5.11 | 16:9 | KDE logo Plasma_5.11-light_KDE-logo_16-9-GRUB2-1.0 #Plasma 5.11 | 4:3 | KDE...
unix burg bootscreen grub splashscreen linux
Oct 28 2017

Atomic GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by lfelipe1501
# Atomic GRUB Theme This theme contain minimal, modern and simple theme for your GRUB2 Loader. # Installation Copy the "Atomic" folder to the themes directory in /boot/grub/themes. If you don't know how to do it, just run the included "" script as ROOT. # Tips and tricks To...
building bootscreen grub burg linux unix splashscreen grub-theme grub2
Jan 10 2018

Solarized Dark Materialized

GRUB Themes by kcraft
I've taken the amazing work of AEVERNUM and CHARLIEHENSON and combined them, along with changes to the progress bar to give you this gorgeous boot screen. Make your Windoze friends super jelly ;) How to Enjoy. 1.Unzip with software of Choice. 2.Copy output to /boot/grub/themes/ (or grub2...
unix linux splashscreen burg bootscreen grub
Aug 16 2017

SAO Sword Art Online

GRUB Themes by Princeps
SAO Sword Art Online theme for GRUB Use Grub Costumizer for installation this theme Terminal Commands for installation : sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install grub-customizer
bootscreen burg grub unix linux splashscreen
Jul 16 2017

Elementary OS round progress GRUB2 theme

GRUB Themes by capstan1
elementary OS styled theme for GRUB2 boot loader with circular progress around the logo. to install: - extract archive - move folder 'Elegant-eOS-round' to /boot/grub/themes - Modify GRUB_THEME in GRUB's default file at /etc/default/grub so it points to the theme:...
unix splashscreen linux grub bootscreen burg
Jun 13 2017

elementary OS GRUB 2 theme

GRUB Themes by capstan1
elementary OS styled theme for GRUB2 boot loader. Forked from:
grub bootscreen burg linux splashscreen unix
Jun 13 2017

Poly light

GRUB Themes by Shevchuk
Simple light GRUB theme Supported languages: Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian Installation / update: ⋅ Download and unpack theme ⋅ Review and run installation script: bash ⋅ Enjoy! (you can now del...
bootscreen grub burg linux unix splashscreen abstract minimalism geometric
Nov 26 2017


GRUB Themes by aevernum
grub2 Solarized Dark minimal theme. Based on StylishDark. Enjoy :p
linux splashscreen grub bootscreen burg unix
May 12 2017

Dark Squares GRUB 2 Theme

GRUB Themes by DreamDragon
A simple dark theme with faenza icons. Created in gimp and inkscape.
bootscreen burg grub unix linux splashscreen
Apr 18 2017

Dark Colors Theme for GRUB 2

GRUB Themes by lolo47
Dark Colors Theme for GRUB 2 by Leszek Ostachowski Forked from Archxion by Legendary Bibo Changed by American_Jesus and ubuntu-mate GRUB2 theme by nadrimajsto and Maple Theme for GRUB 2 Created by PM2D... __________________________________ * Fast installation - copy below lines to...
splashscreen linux grub burg bootscreen unix
Mar 26 2017