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Auto Update for SolusOS

Various Gnome Stuff by Groni1
I have write a little script to update SolusOS automatically with one click. Between the step's i have inserted a Break of 10 second's so that you could read the text. What you must do: Download the rar-datei unrar the archive and copy the file's "" and update.png in a directory...
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Dec 30 2012

ICQ Classic Tray icons for Pidgin

Various Gnome Stuff by MikotoS
ICQ Classic Tray icons for Pidgin. 32x32. But really size is 24x24 as old known classic icq icons. Unpack archive. Goto to /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/tray/hicolor/32x32/status backup old icons and replace with files from archive. enjoy!
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Dec 28 2012


Various Gnome Stuff by krewetki
This is a tattoo I spotted and decided to share.
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Nov 25 2012

Dyndnsupdate Shell Script

Various Gnome Stuff by soundrolf
Shellscript dyndnsupdate for the Dyndns Hoster Comments inside the Script. Make it executable and Edit it to your needs.
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Nov 21 2012

enso [Gnome-Pie]

Various Gnome Stuff by zergpinscher
My little theme for the superb "Gnome-Pie". Optimized for round icons like [url][/url] or...
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Nov 20 2012

Nestort Buuf-like

Various Gnome Stuff by nestort
This is an icon theme for Cairo Dock weather applet. Awesome original art by mattahan ( Arranged and modified by Nestort License: free for non commercial use (please contact mattahan for any other use) Version 1.0, 2010-10-12 Install...
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Oct 12 2012

vamox perspective guideline

Various Gnome Stuff by vamox
Guideline for making the perspective we used for Vamox theme. ( The tar.gz contains: > 6 images for slideshow > 2 SVG files (one is the vectorial version of the guideline and the other is the file we made for creating...
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Sep 25 2012

Bulgarian online radio streams

Various Gnome Stuff by spacy01
It's a nothing special, just streaming some famous bulgarian radios. This bash script depend from zenity, mplayer and notify-send. When You download the script, rename it on "", double click it and select "execute". If you prefer to start from terminal, please navigate to the...
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Sep 25 2012


Various Gnome Stuff by joseanonimo1
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Sep 24 2012

Pwnage Matrix Conversion Pack

Various Gnome Stuff by Padster
Total conversion pack for a pwnage matrix desktop. README included for noobs. I uploaded it to Google Drive, so you can download individual parts, or the whole zip, with File>Download or ctrl+s
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Sep 19 2012