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Budgie Desktop Dark Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by lfnnx
This is a light modification of the Arc dark Theme for the Budgie Desktop. Simple nice and clean. It is explicit created for the Budgie Desktop (GTK3) -------------------------------- To install this theme unzip it and place it in the .themes folder in your home directory. If it is not there...
budgie-desktop clean dark-theme gnome gtk3 linux osxtheme theme unix
Nov 27 2018


Plymouth Themes by akasaka
Just an attempt to pixel-perfect recreation of the Mac OS 8 boot process in Plymouth.
apple bootscreen linux mac macos macos8 platinum plymouth splashscreen unix
Jan 11 2019

Sleek Dragon Mint

GDM Themes by kakahuete
Modified version of Sleek Dragon gdm theme ([url][/url]) with dark Linux Mint logo. Includes 1280x1024, 1366x768 and all the images (.xcf and .svg) I used to modify the theme. Original wallpaper can be found here:...
linux unix
Jul 31 2013

DMZ with Yellow Background Multisized

Cursors by markitos66
[i][b]DMZy[/b]ellow[b]b[/b]ackground[/i] is a X11 mouse theme multisized to 24, 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pixels, and is a modification of popular and marvelous mouse theme called [i]"DMZ"[/i][b]. I have tested it under ElementaryOS Luna and works great[/b]. I added it symlinks for some cursors...
cursor linux unix
Mar 09 2014

GTA : Vice City Grub Theme

GRUB Themes by kshitijsubedi
Inspired from Gta Vice city Game Menu ; Grub Theme to replace that boring plain Grub Menu; --- 2 Versions Available --- == With Icons == without Icons Your Choice Download as Requirement ###### INSTALLATION...
bootscreen burg cool grub grub-theme gtavc linux splashscreen theme unix
May 05 2018

Numix Blue (GTK2/3 + Cinnamon/Xfce)

GTK3/4 Themes by amorpher
Cinnamon Shell, GTK2/3, Metacity, Xfwm, Xfce notify Full Theme. Fonts, Ivy icons (screenshot #1) included. Tested on GTK 3.14/3.16. //screenshot #1 fonts — Play/Terminus Re33 for Powerline Bold TTF
gnome linux theme unix
Jul 17 2015


GDM Themes by rfrayer
a nude anime login gdm screen created and designed by yours truly. For more gdm themes go to
linux unix
Aug 22 2009

LCARS-Desktop GDM (Widescreen)

GDM Themes by ve4cib
A Star Trek TNG/DS9/Voyager styled GDM login window. Based on "Star Trek TMP Lcars Theme" by ZardoZ: [url][/url] For the related desktop backgrounds and GTK+ theme please see: GTK+ Theme:...
linux unix
Oct 30 2008

Zorin OS 8 Themes

GTK3/4 Themes by Brahimsalem
gnome linux theme unix
Feb 09 2014

Hydronium iconset

Full Icon Themes by beykex
Before anything: Sorry for my bad English! Hydronium is an icon theme made by mixing many icons from different themes. Icons are colorful and have a professional design, so it is a very clean and beautiful set. It is inspired on Crystal Project, Oxygen and Mac OSX icons. More information...
icon-theme linux unix
Sep 07 2011